Keeping it Plane Simple throughout the ownership process…

Keeping it Plane Simple throughout the ownership process…

…but don’t just take our word for it.

Satcom Direct is committed to connecting you beyond expectations. It’s what we do, drives us forward and keeps us innovating year after year. We’ve been passionately purpose-building technology and services for the business aviation industry for twenty-six years. We remain the only satellite connectivity company globally providing reliable, consistent connectivity to the international business aviation fleet. That’s a significant achievement and uniquely positions us as the go-to for business aviation operators that need best-in-class connectivity solutions. But we would say that wouldn’t we?

Well, don’t just take our word for it. For the eighth year in a row, we’re ranking highly in the AIN product support survey and perform exceptionally well on our response time and technical representatives. In addition, our customers welcome and appreciate the innovation, investment and inspiration that goes into all our product development; and the support that accompanies it. Our latest series of Plane Simple® terminals, which are revolutionizing connectivity worldwide, is being hailed by our customers for its functionality, reliability and ease of installation.

One of our first in-service evaluation customers for the Plane Simple Ku-band tail mount variant, told us, “We were looking for a reliable connectivity system that offered the widest scope of connectivity options for the cockpit and cabin. Satcom Direct is unique in the industry in that it offers customer service that is reliable and responsive; this element of the service is essential to us. The convenience of dependable customer support, the continuity of customer management, and the speed and thoroughness of each response have been invaluable. It has made the acquisition and installation process convenient, simple, and clear.”

Robert Brunnenmeir, President, Flightpath, echoes the sentiment, “We’ve used the PSKu system for many flights covering North America, Europe, and the Middle East. The system works well in all scenarios. The SD team has been very helpful in addressing any issues that have come up and have ensured we have had a great experience in owning this system. I couldn’t recommend this system and working with Satcom Direct more.” We’re proud to hear that our customers appreciate the diligence and support we put into delivering these advanced technology systems.

We are aviators ourselves; we know how important it is to rely on connectivity, and we also recognize that this technology changes rapidly, which is why we designed and developed the terminal system to be easily upgradable. Our technology team identified that in addition to delivering high-speed broadband the terminal needed to be designed for minimally invasive installation, that the hardware should not take up valuable cabin space, and that upgrade pathways could be achieved without lengthy downtime periods. The result is a system consisting of just two line replaceable units.  The antenna – either a tail-mounted gimballed, or fuselage mounted electronically steered attached by simple cabling to an SD Modem unit, which can be placed in the “hell-hole” of the airframe. Futureproofing technology is one of our core pillars. It helps protect owner investment in high-tech equipment. The terminal could not be easier to install, maintain or upgrade.

Again, please don’t take our word for it. We are not an MRO and do not actively conduct installations, but we work closely with our partner MROs to support the installation process. For the first EASA Modifications and STCs for the Plane Simple Ku-band antenna, we worked with Alamo Engineering GmbH on both the Global and Challenger airframes. Equipment installation was completed by ACC Columbia Jet Service in their Hannover and Cologne, Germany, MRO facilities respectively. “Until now, high-speed connectivity options were limited by capacity and the expense and time commitment required by invasive installation. This and the complexity of transition pathways have traditionally prevented many owners from moving forward with high-speed broadband installation. With the Plane Simple tail-mounted antenna, all these needs are resolved in one simple step. Installation time was reduced by 4 weeks when compared with other satcom installations, and the team at ACC Columbia Jet Service were impressed by the ease of equipping the avionics,” says Alamo Engineering‘s co-owner and Head of Design and Airworthiness, Jörg Gorkenant.

With our new Plane Simple series, operators only need to make one call to SD to source end-to-end connectivity acquisition and management. Supported by 24/7/365 customer service, the advanced technology delivers inflight productivity, enhances leisure time, and improves operational management for more aircraft types than ever before. Developed on an open-architecture platform, the system also enables the integration of third-party suppliers to add further operational value. We say it’s the next generation of connectivity, but as you can see, you don’t just have to take our word for it.

To find out how we can support your connectivity needs contact [email protected].

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