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SD Plane Simple™ Antenna Systems

For best-in-class aircraft communications that meet a wide range of mission requirements.


Ku-band Tail Mount Antenna

With Intelsat FlexExec

SD’s Plane Simple Ku-band Antenna System delivers reliable, global high-speed connectivity via the Intelsat FlexExec service. Its advanced tail-mount design features only two-line replaceable units (LRUs) to simplify installation and configuration, while providing a seamless and cost-effective upgrade path as satellite technology advances. As an SD-manufactured product, we provide advanced support and troubleshooting to improve the overall connectivity experience.

SD is partnered with QEST Quantenelektronische Systeme GmbH to manufacture our Plane Simple Antenna series.

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ATMA STCs Awarded

The Federal Aviation Authority, has released an STC for the following aircraft:

  • Bombardier
    • Global 5000, 6000,Express, Express XRS
    • Challenger 604, 605, 650
  • Dassault
    • F2000LX/LXS
  • Gulfstream
    • GIV, GIV-X, G450, GV, GV-SP, G550

The European Aviation Safety Agency, has released an STC for the following aircraft:

  • Bombardier
    • Global 5000, 6000, Express, Express XRS
    • Challenger 604, 605, 650
  • Dassault
    • F2000LX/LXS
Flat Panel

Future Developments

Ka-band Tail Mount Antenna

The Plane Simple Ka-band Antenna System will support the Inmarsat Jet ConneX service and is planned for marketing introduction in Q4 2022.

Iridium Certus System

As a Value-Added Manufacturer and Service Provider for Iridium Certus, SD is developing a fuselage-mounted High-Gain Antenna, while also providing the service direct to the business aviation community.

Fuselage Mount ESA

The new flat panel design for business and military aviation is an electronically-steered phased-array antenna system. Aiming to be the smallest, most efficient form factor, it is purpose fit for small to mid-size jets, where a tail-mounted antenna solution is not an option. Its lightweight, low-profile design will bring high-speed connectivity to a wide range of airframes. 

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