Being on an aircraft does not exempt us from cyber threats

To protect your inflight data, you need an understanding of the cybersecurity landscape and visibility of your operations, coupled with the right technologies, policies, procedures, and controls.

Security is a cornerstone of our business. In-flight connectivity is not just the airborne piece, but everything that happens on the ground too. SD has invested more into network infrastructure than any other service provider in the industry. Our robust infrastructure combined with our multipoint solutions approach to cybersecurity and certified experts give you confidence that the airborne network and passenger data are safe, no matter when or where you are flying.

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Infrastructure Services

Our mission is to provide highly secure, reliable global access to the networks, applications, and data that are critical to your business. With infrastructure services that are always available, always secure, and always flexible.

Certified and Compliant

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Why traditional antivirus is not enough

  • Targeted attacks can bypass blacklisted URLs, sidestepping traditional antivirus technologies, deploying phishing attacks, breaching security, and stealing data.
  • Most data breaches are through customized malware attacks. Polymorphic malware targets outdated software, and users enable the attack. Basic antivirus software detection is bypassed with such attacks.
  • Anti-virus software does not address ransomware, which hold a victim’s data hostage. The result is that user devices including PCs, tablets, and phones can be locked down making them unusable.
  • Good antivirus software analyzes complex file behavior and blocks threats but is unlikely to protect against increasingly sophisticated threats like rootkit malware, where attackers hide embedded routines in system files.
  • Social engineering, which manipulates users into revealing sensitive information or to click certain links. Threats are often disguised as official emails from familiar sites, like Facebook, ecommerce sites, etc.

Cyber Services

Level 1: Threat Monitoring

The Level 1 Service protects the cabin network with sophisticated threat monitoring and risk mitigation. This service provides visibility into the traffic flowing from and to your aircraft, including networks and applications in use, identified threats, and actions SD has taken to protect the network. Our base level offering goes beyond intrusion detection system to include intrusion prevention. This means we don’t just let you know that a security event is happening, we take immediate steps to stop it and track down the root cause. You can feel confident knowing that we are not only monitoring your traffic patterns and identifying potential incidents, but also taking the necessary steps to stop them.

Monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and helps detect external attacks trying to execute a malicious action on the airborne network. This allows our security experts to respond, avoiding and/or stopping the attack.

Unlike typical antivirus, SD’s are dynamically updated to help prevent a malicious action that can put your data at risk. Files received via email, USB device or direct internet download are targets of this technology which scans unencrypted traffic for viruses and malicious content, and blocks them, mitigating risk.

Detects and blocks exploit attempts and evasive techniques on both the network and application layers, including port scans, buffer overflows, and protocol fragmentation. This technology alerts our team that a hack is happening, so we can take immediate steps to stop it and track down the root cause.

Blocks highly evasive exploits like polymorphic malware, and instantaneously identifies existing malware variants. Unlike some malware solutions, we use heuristics – behavior-based scanning – and sophisticated machine learning techniques to analyze and pinpoint malicious files, eliminating traditional reliance on signature databases.

This filtering protects computer users from viewing inappropriate web sites and content, while preventing access to known malware hosts, reducing risk and making the network safer.

Our cyber security experts use evidence-based information to identify airborne network threats, while helping to mitigate exposure to them. We analyze and prioritize global and targeted threats to proactively prevent attacks.

Level 2: Advanced Encryption

Level 2 Advanced Encryption provides enhanced network security for the entire aircraft network, without compromising speed or performance. A secure tunnel, which encrypts data from the aircraft to the ground, ensures that your activity is secure and anonymized. Think of it as a protective layer of defense applied to the entire aircraft network, eliminating the need for individual VPNs on your devices. Traditional VPNs can severely limit bandwidth due to the amount of overhead needed to support the connection. Our service eliminates that concern by applying proprietary technology using our Satcom Direct Router (SDR®) platforms and SD Infrastructure.

With level 2, all your airborne data traffic bypasses public routing over the internet. We can then provide highly customized solutions to best meet the needs of your mission.

  • Encrypt and protect traffic from intercept by foreign entities.
  • Provides secure encrypted and accelerated tunnel for all traffic to and from the aircraft
  • Per device threat detection, blocking, and correlation of events.
  • Traffic is anonymized and egressed out one of SD’s secure Point of Presence (PoP) locations.
  • Monitored and supported by the SD Incident Response team
  • Customized aircraft network configuration.
  • Separate WiFi network SSIDs based on passenger and data priority

Level 3: SD Private Network

The SD Private Network routes encrypted data from the aircraft back to corporate headquarters – without ever touching the public internet. You can then apply your corporate security policies to handle, block or deliver information according to your corporate IT specifications.

With SDPN, you make your aircraft onboard network operate as an extension of your corporate office.

  • Custom aircraft network configuration based on corporate security policy and compliance requirements.
  • Separate WiFi network SSIDs for corporate, guest and other networks.
  • Traffic encrypted and delivered to your corporate network allowing you to manage the network the way you want to.
  • Guest and other non-corporate traffic is still interrogated for malicious activity.

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