Satcom Direct Government and U.S. Space Systems Command Renew Agreement

Satcom Direct Government and U.S. Space Systems Command Renew Agreement

Renewed Agreement Supports Strategic U.S. Navy E-6B Mission

Melbourne, Florida/6 May 2024SD Government, the satellite communications provider for global governments, and the U.S. Space Systems Command have renewed a contract confirming that SD Government will continue providing satellite communications and other services to the U.S. Navy Boeing E-6B Mercury fleet. The contract extends the existing 10-year SD Government relationship with the U.S. Navy E-6B community for another five years.

U.S. Space Systems Command to Utilize FlightDeck Freedom Service

SD Government will continue to deliver flight deck datalink connectivity through the SD FlightDeck Freedom® service and support the use of SD Pro®, the digital flight operations system, along with the provision of SwiftBroadband and support for the Global One Number, which enables direct tail to command voice connectivity to each of the U.S. Navy Boeing E-6B Mercury aircraft. Routinely deploying from Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, to other bases in the U.S. and overseas, SD Government provides the fleet with 24/7/365 global support to ensure reliable operations, provide on-site training for members of the forces and anticipate and resolve any service or equipment challenges.

The ongoing agreement also simplifies the purchasing process with the SD Government team using its extensive knowledge, proven track record and experience of working with the E-6B professionals to streamline the definition, acquisition, and implementation of new services.

SD Government Renewed Contract

The renewed contract, worth $5.5 million, builds on long-standing SD Government and U.S. Navy relationships. Hayden Olson, SD Gov General Manager, said: “Our customers appreciate the extensive support, tailored services and technology-forward products which have evolved into a reliable, secure suite of services they can rely upon. We have also created solid relationships with the E-6B fleet, which underpins our ability to continue supporting its very specific needs. Most importantly, the fleet can operate missions of national strategic importance with the confidence that SDG is consistently supporting them with expected services and the ability to meet emerging, dynamic requirements during deployment.”

US Navy E-6B Fleet

The E-6B flies two primary missions critical to national security. In its traditional TACAMO (Take Command And Move Out) role, the E-6B maintains communication links between the National Command Authority and US Navy ballistic missile submarines. Since 1998, the E-6B has also flown as a command post, primarily providing survivable Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications between the President of the United States, Secretary of Defense, and US Strategic Command.

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About Satcom Direct
SD Government is a leading operator of customized, secure end-to-end satellite connectivity services that deliver assured global access to networks, voice, data and video applications, and data on land, at sea, and in the air. Each solution is scalable from simple point-to-point links to complete end-to-end, global solutions that are fully interoperable and seamlessly integrated with government networks for enhanced situational awareness and a faster response.

The secure MILSATCOM of fixed satellite solutions includes C-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band and UHF, as well as mobile satellite solutions Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium for aeronautical, land-mobile, and maritime users in multiple markets, including U.S. government and military, global governments, educational institutions and commercial maritime.

SD is trusted by government customers to deliver resilient, agnostic solutions at the highest quality of service and customer support provided by an expert team of US military veterans and technical experts familiar with handling complex communications requirements to support mission success.

SD Government is located at Satcom Direct World Headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.

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