Be first, to a future where consistency and speed converge.

Be first, to a future where consistency and speed converge.

At Satcom Direct, we’re renowned for being first. The spirit of innovation that drives our product and service development secures our position as leading the industry as we present advanced technology, ingenious products, and industry-leading customer support services. We’re aviators ourselves, so we understand the evolving demands of a dynamic business aviation landscape and have perfected the art of anticipating the future needs of our customers.

Our latest first demonstrates that the future works. We recognize that service consistency is more important than inconsistent maximum speeds, which is why we’re delighted to announce that our Plane Simple Ka-band tail mount antenna is the first business aviation terminal to successfully connect with the dual polarization of the radio frequency signals on Viasat’s next generation Global Xpress 5 satellite.  The next generation satellite technology has been on GX5 since it launched in November 2019, however up until this week, no aviation terminal has been able to test it. Our testing and notable results prove that the much-anticipated technology is not only very fast and powerful, but consistent.

Plane Simple African Flight Map

The advantage for our customers is that the Plane Simple Ka-band tail-mount antenna unlocks the full performance capabilities off the Global Xpress network and minimizes beam and satellite switching time. This ensures reliability and consistency and strengthens our position as the only business aviation connectivity provider to deliver truly global connectivity.

Viasat’s next-gen Global Xpress satellites deliver seamless global coverage across the world’s flight paths. The network can utilize targeted spotbeams to deliver greater capacity when and where there is increased demand. This layered and targeted capacity enables customers to simultaneously connect more devices and enjoy unchallenged access to the most data-hungry applications, including high-definition video conferencing, without compromising on the service’s proven global characteristics of consistency, reliability, resilience and seamless availability.

This is the future of inflight connectivity. We are currently looking for new or existing customers to collaborate with us on the relevant supplemental type certificates, STC. Incentives are available. If you’re considering your next consistent connectivity options, we invite you to join us in proving the future. Don’t miss out on one of the most exciting business aviation connectivity solutions yet; please contact [email protected] to find out more.

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