SD Scheduler

Designed by industry professionals for a true user experience


SD has the capability and the security you need for both PC and mobile platforms. One of our biggest priorities is to protect your data. With the help of our own data center, we provide a variety of options allowing your IT team to accomplish security goals, including tools and services helping you monitor your security environment.


SD Scheduler almost manages itself. It was designed by industry colleagues that understand the difficulties of switching software, so we’ve worked with our internal User Experience teams to understand current work-flows. The result of this collaboration is screens and features that are instinctive, easy to understand, and reduce redundancies, creating a more connected experience.


Having everything in one spot. When you don’t have to use 10 different tabs and log into 5 different programs to schedule, track, and monitor your flight operations, it puts less stress and difficulty on your team. SD Scheduler is a module inside the powerful SD Pro platform, allowing connections to the rest of the flight department and connecting operations personnel. With SD Pro, you have live flight tracking, connectivity usage, maintenance, hardware, support, threat monitoring, and more.


A true user experience. We simplified the UI by decluttering workspace screens, introduced contextual user designs, and reduced the number of navigational windows for a painless software transition. SD Scheduler features a capable and nimble business intelligence engine that allows you to analyze data and create brilliant reports – all shareable on demand.


SD Scheduler was built from the ground up based on a modern cloud infrastructure. The results are faster response times and a stable, constantly updated core. Technology in your flight department needs to keep improving and SD has invested in new technologies to continually improve and enhance how we share data with your aircraft, systems, and vendors.

Conference Room Pilot (CRP)

We know migrating to a new scheduling system is complicated. Our team is committed from the very first step to making the implementation a success, and it starts with a Conference Room Pilot (CRP). Our CRP is an on-site visit where we get to know your operations by gathering information from key personnel.

The deliverables from the data gathering sessions include a work-flow process map, a GAP analysis, feature enhancement list and a demo account so you can actually use the product and understand the capabilities before you decide on a Go-Live date.