Ku-band, Ka-band, Dual-band Solutions

Viasat solutions ensure passengers can stay productive and entertained in flight with email, web browsing, corporate VPN access, and multi-site video conferencing, plus streaming music, video, and TV.

As of January 2024, Viasat has announced the end-of-life dates for their Ku services (outlined below). During this transitional period, SD is here to guide customers through the process of selecting the best possible service for their needs.

  • End of Ku services sale, January 12th 2024
  • End of Viasat Ku hardware repair, January 1st 2025
  • End of life for all Viasat Ku services, January 30th 2026

Maximum Download Speed is the rate that digital data is transferred from the internet to your computer (e.g. streaming, image downloads, webpage load times), thus “max download speed” is the maximum bandwidth that the subscriber can attain.

Maximum Upload Speed is the rate that digital data is transferred from your computer to the Internet (e.g. sending a file or video conferencing), thus “max upload speed” is the maximum bandwidth a subscriber can attain.

Viasat Coverage Map
Viasat Ku-bandMax Download Speed Max Upload SpeedMonthly Allowance (GB)
Ku Advanced Regional3.0 Mbps Global256 Kbps15
Ku Advanced 305.0 Mbps CONUS
3.0 Mbps Global
256 Kbps30
Ku Advanced 507.0 Mbps CONUS
4.0 Mbps Global
512 Kbps50
Ku Advanced 7010.0 Mbps CONUS
6.0 Mbps Global
1 Mbps70
Viasat Ka-bandMax Download Speed Max Upload Speed Monthly Allowance (GB)
Ultra15 Regional>20 Mbps2 Mbps15
Ultra30 Global>20 Mbps2 Mbps30
Ultra40 Global>20 Mbps2 Mbps40
Ultra60 Global>20 Mbps2 Mbps60
Ultra100 Global>20 Mbps2 Mbps100
Ultra200 Global>20 Mbps2 Mbps200

*Based on 2 year contracts

**Coverage Area: CONUS/Canada for Ultra15 Regional, Global coverage for all other service plans (where Viasat Ka coverage is available). Data Allowance Carry Forward: Unused data can be carried forward and used in the subsequent month; no month-to-month accumulation. Viasat Unlimited Streaming: Included at no additional charge with Ultra100 and Ultra200 service plans.