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Airborne connectivity represents a significant investment for an aircraft owner or operator. The result of that investment should be a system that supports the passenger’s needs and aircraft’s missions for 7-10 years. Learn how Satcom Direct’s modular, upgradeable solutions leverage constellations in different frequencies and orbits from multiple network operators to ensure the longevity of your airborne connectivity.

SD’s solution is Plane Simple®, a family of antennas (Ku and Ka ATMA and Ku ESA) that are modular, easy to install, frequency and network diverse, with a flexible system architecture that can adapt to future network changes. The Plane Simple terminals have been designed through collaboration with key network partners in both Ku-band and Ka-Band to ensure future compatibility with the satellite network roadmaps. This allows for continued growth in performance without the need to update the airborne terminal. Furthermore, the Plane Simple terminal design is structured such that, in the event the antenna and/or modem is required to be upgraded due to changes in the satellite infrastructure, the key installation pain points such as wiring and mounting footprints are preserved, minimizing the upgrade cost and aircraft downtime. Through this partner collaboration, the Plane Simple airborne terminals deliver the most consistent business aviation connectivity performance today with performance growth to greater than 100Mbps on each gimbal, tail-mounted airborne terminal, and greater than 100Mbps on the ESA airborne terminals, all with the highest dedication to business aviation.

Global Coverage

Satcom Direct partners with industry-leading satellite network operators to deliver the most advanced global in-flight connectivity that air-to-ground (ATG) simply cannot match. We work closely with you to understand your aircraft, travel patterns, desired capabilities, and budget to build customized, fully-integrated solutions. Learn More


Award Winning Support

Providing the highest levels of customer support are part of Satcom Direct’s DNA. Our technical experts are always on standby to help you 24/7/365 globally should any issues arise in flight. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) displays real-time activity for global customer connectivity, enhanced visibility into the overall health of each aircraft, and combines this with intelligent data to deliver optimal performance. Learn More


In-depth Training

Our success is heavily dependent on your passengers’ experience. SD Training goes beyond educating aircraft personnel on SD products and services. Our courses are designed to enhance the skills and professional development of participants. Learn More


May 28 - 30 2024


Geneva, Switzerland
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