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COMSAT Expansion Completes Next Phase

COMSAT Expansion Completes Next Phase

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COMSAT, SD company and 2020 Independent Teleport Operator of the Year, now supports more satellite constellation providers, and their customers, than any other global provider following completion of a high throughput terrestrial upgrade. The enhancement of the Tier 4 certified teleports located in Santa Paula, CA. and Southbury, CT.  strengthens the already extensive redundancy of the infrastructure and expands the transmission pathway capacity for companies launching satellites into LEO, GEO and MEO orbits.  The expansion also supports the secure and reliable connectivity service management and data distribution for SD’s aero, land, and maritime users. Customers now have the flexibility of connecting to the SD network via more Points of Presence around the US, Europe and Australia to support the highly robust and self-recovering network connectivity into the teleports.

The development confirms COMSAT, together with SD, as providers of the most robust, secure, privately-owned, globally redundant network in the industry. The expansion also enhances COMSAT’s cybersecurity infrastructure and combined with the SD Data Center capabilities, supports delivery of powerful cybersecurity solutions to all of our customers in an era where cyber events are the norm, not the exception. We aim to set the gold standard in data management and the latest upgrades reflect our continued commitment to protecting and managing our customers’ data.

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