The SD Network

The most comprehensive and secure infrastructure in the industry.

At SD, security isn’t a slogan, it is our culture. There is much more to an in-flight connectivity solution than the airborne piece. There is everything that happens on the ground side too. SD has invested more into Network Infrastructure than any other service provider in the industry.

SD’s network infrastructure enables your connectivity services to be richer, faster, and more reliable. Our data services are connected and secured by our wholly owned data center and worldwide Points of Presence (POPs), which form the backbone of our ground infrastructure. Unlike other service providers, SD does not outsource this critical step to third parties who do not understand the unique requirements of aviation. As a direct result, passengers get a better user experience than any other service provider can offer – even over the same network.

Plus, SD offers Cyber Threat Monitoring in SD Pro, providing operators with a real-time view of network security, potential threats, identified incidents and actions SD has taken to protect your data. Finally, the ultimate in aviation cyber security is the SD Private Network, which routes data traffic from your airplane back to your corporate HQ while remaining encrypted, and without ever touching the public internet.

SD Cybersecurity Services​

Prepare and prevent.

Contrary to popular opinion, being in a business aircraft does not exempt you from a cyber threat. In-flight data security is vulnerable on two fronts. First is the technology environment. Even with the most secure devices or the latest security software, it’s always a matter of trying to stay one step ahead of any malicious actors. The second front in the battle for cybersecurity is human error. Even if your IT department is doing everything right to protect the company from a threat, a breach often happens because of a simple error by an employee or vendor.

To protect your company from a cyber-attack, you need to have an understanding of the threat landscape and visibility of your operations, coupled with the right technologies, policies, procedures, and controls.

SD offers a range of security solutions designed specifically for the flight department.​

The first step toward better protecting your aircraft is to evaluate current policies and procedures – identifying what you are doing right and potential areas for improvement. Discovery helps you understand the importance of cybersecurity by establishing a baseline of how your company currently handles IT security.

To get started, simply fill out and submit SD’s self-assessment form. Once received, the SD Cybersecurity team will evaluate your state-of-the-network and current security processes. We will also provide a free 30-minute phone consultation to give you initial recommendations on how to fix any identified risks.

Due to our collective experience in the industry, SD understands business aviation’s unique vulnerabilities and is thus well-positioned to review and evaluate your company’s cybersecurity status. With SD’s Security Risk Assessment service, our security experts come to your location, evaluate your network and current security processes, identify any vulnerabilities, educate your team and make recommendations on how to address technology- and human-based risks.

The SD Risk Assessment service helps you understand and identify threats to your environment – both on-wing and at the hangar.

SD not only provides you with a state-of-the-art intrusion detection system, we take it one step further and include intrusion prevention. We don’t just let you know that a security event is happening, we take immediate steps to stop it and track down the root cause. To protect against known cybersecurity risks, SD offers a variety of enhanced threat analysis and prevention solutions, such as:
  • Enterprise firewall
  • Antivirus
  • Intrusion prevention system
  • Data filtering and file blocking
  • Modern malware protection
  • URL filtering
  • Threat intelligence services

With SD’s subscription-based Risk Mitigation and Threat Monitoring Services, you can feel confident knowing that we are not only monitoring your traffic patterns and identifying potential threats, but also taking the necessary steps to stop them.

The SDPN eliminates the need for passengers to use individual VPN connections. Think of it as another layer of defense against the human factor. With SDPN, all your airborne data traffic can be delivered from the aircraft directly to your corporate network, bypassing public routing over the internet. You can then apply your corporate security policies to handle, block or deliver information according to your specifications. With SDPN, you make your aircraft onboard network operate as an extension of your corporate office.


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