Giving back to our customers and the planet, one bottle at a time.

Giving back to our customers and the planet, one bottle at a time.

Ocean Bottle Partnership Helps Save the Planet

How many plastic bottles does it take to make one? No, it’s not a trick question. If you are a partner with Ocean Bottle, the answer is 1000. This year, as part of our continued commitment to protecting the environment, we have partnered with the impressive Ocean Bottle organization. It means we can gift our suppliers, customers and partners a beautiful reusable water bottle while helping the planet, communities worldwide and the people within them.

The Ocean Bottle initiative is committed to removing plastic bottles before they reach the oceans. With the sale of every gorgeous container, the charity funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic from riversides, estuaries and coastal waterways. That’s the equivalent of 1000 plastic water bottles. The “collectors” are located around the world and are recompensed for gathering up millions of kilos of plastic that don’t find their way to a recycling plant or are casually discarded. Through September 2023, Ocean Bottle collectors removed a total of nearly 11.50 million kilograms of plastic pollution. That’s a lot of plastic molecules not entering the world’s seas.


Save the ocean with Ocean Bottle

Global Company Helping Local Communities

Where the company really makes waves is in what it gives back to its global community. The principle is to stop the flow of plastic into the world’s seas at source. Collectors tirelessly pick up plastic waste across the globe and deliver it to Ocean Bottle sites. The plastic is exchanged for money and, more importantly, access to resources such as healthcare, education, mental health support and guidance about financial security. It stimulates pride and environmental awareness and reinvigorates villages and peoples.

From the east coast of Brazil to the archipelago of the Philippines, Ocean Bottle collectors are giving new life to the seas and redefining their communities, of which there are currently more than 370 benefitting from the initiative. Their work also helps the planet by enabling Ocean Bottle to actively do good beyond plastic collection. Restoring vital mangroves, championing NGOs, and supporting social inclusion for collectors are just some of the projects the organization addresses.

Data Collecting

Once you own an Ocean Bottle and have registered on the associated app, each time you refill at one of the dedicated water stations, the refill is logged thanks to the integrated chip and can be applied to support more plastic collection. Your everyday impact is calculated as you refill, and you can track how much good you’re doing through the platform. It feels good to do good, after all.

The Ocean Bottle shop is full of a range of reusable bottles that are elegant, colorful and recyclable. The award-winning intelligent design, the different uses, and the ability to have them personalized make them much more than your average reuse container.

The Ocean Bottle aim is ambitious, but by 2025 they aim to have collected the equivalent of 7 billion plastic bottles. We are proud to support them in this aim and delighted to share such practical, attractive and environmentally friendly bottles with our friends and colleagues. To find out more, visit

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