Telemedicine Services for Inflight Emergencies

Telemedicine Services for Inflight Emergencies

FlightDeck Freedom® Telemedicine Service Integrates Aircare International

Did you know that most inflight emergencies are not related to flying but are medical? Perhaps a crewmember has a mishap preparing dinner, a passenger faints, or a principal suffers a cardiac problem; whatever the emergency, if you have a FlightDeck Freedom® subscription, we can help provide the medical support you need. It is just one of the myriad ways that SD delivers much more than connectivity.

Medical Emergency While Flying

Our Telemedicine Service integrates Aircare International, the global medical support provider, into SD FlightDeck Freedom. Suppose a crew member or passenger feels unwell or suffers a medical emergency. In that case, one of Aircare’s board-certified physicians is just a phone call away, whether you’re on the ground, in the air, or at your destination. Bundled with other SD services, our Telemedicine Service offers even better value, especially since an Aircare subscription means more than a friendly, professional voice when you need help.

Help begins with a satphone or mobile call to a dedicated number for medical emergencies. Alternatively, email or apps can also support the conversation. While the doctor works with the carrier to provide immediate treatment, the Aircare ground team simultaneously decides the best course of action. Depending on the patient’s status and where the aircraft is, they may recommend proceeding to the planned destination. Alternatively, an emergency landing could be advised, or in the case of a cardiac episode, pushing on to an airport with an appropriately equipped hospital may represent the best option.

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Simplified and Streamlined Treatment Through Aircare Access

Aircare Access is readily available in an emergency to simplify and streamline the treatment process for all concerned. The Aircare Access program includes a medical kit for your aircraft and crew training. The kits are tracked, and items are replaced as they are used. Their standard content list and layout mean that even an untrained passenger can administer potentially life-saving care. Real-time advice from an Aircare physician who knows exactly what is in the kit and where it is located can literally save lives. The advice is also given in your language, removing the guesswork when caring for a sick colleague or loved one through its vast network of vetted healthcare facilities and physicians. In addition, whatever the solution, Aircare ensures trained personnel will await the aircraft’s arrival and deliver the best medical care available.

For SD customers frequently flying away from home to remote locations where medical care may be lacking, inconsistent, or difficult to identify, this brings real peace of mind when it comes to healthcare.

Satcom Direct Inflight Connectivity

Keeping you connected reliably, securely, and cost-effectively with a customized solution that best suits your mission is what drives us every day. Yet, with services like Air Care incorporated with our offering, we are reaching beyond connectivity by adding value at every opportunity and providing a toolkit that optimizes your flight experience while enhancing efficiencies across your operation.

Our ecosystem combines powerful infrastructure, hardware, and software to enable best-in-class third-party service providers to collaborate with us. This includes Aircare International. We take our services beyond connectivity, and maybe Aircare Access is something you will never think about, but should the time come, you’ll realize the true value of the human connection.

We like to think of it as a virtual crash helmet. You never want to use one, but when you do, you’re so glad that you decided to invest.  For more information on how to provide this invaluable medical support service to your crew and passengers, contact [email protected].

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