Satcom Direct’s Cabin Communications Technical Training Class is a two day training course covering all aspects of the Inmarsat satellite system and the associated aeronautical services.


Geared towards maintenance personnel, this course provides 8 credit hours towards IA renewal. In addition, this course provides all aircraft personnel an understanding of what system is onboard their aircraft and how the system(s) operate. Attendees of this course will also gain the necessary knowledge to gather fault information, properly setup and utilize classic voice, Swift 64 and SwiftBroadband aeronautical services.


  • Inspection Authorization Renewal Training Course Syllabus
  • Total 16 hours course material
  • Presented by: Satcom Direct, Inc
  • Hours: 0900 – 1700

Day 1

  1. History of Satcom Direct
  2. Inmarsat
  3. Satcom
  4. Basics of Inmarsat satcom
  5. Configuring Your Satcom for Classic Services
  6. Classic Services Troubleshooting
  7. Satcom Lab Exercises

Day 2

  1. High Speed Data
  2. Swift 64 Router Settings
  3. Satcom Lab Exercises
  4. Swift 64 Troubleshooting
  5. Satcom Lab Exercises
  6. SwiftBroadband Troubleshooting
  7. Satcom Lab Exercises
  8. Basic Networking
  9. Satcom Lab Exercises

Runway Analysis Training:

  • FAA Transport Aircraft Performance Planning (TAPP)
  • FAA TAPP Landing Distance Assessment


There are no classes scheduled at this time. For more information or to request training, please email