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Training is a core value at Satcom Direct, and is driven by the company’s unwavering focus on innovation and commitment to providing
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The Satcom Direct aeroIT® certification is an information technology certification for the configuration and troubleshooting of networks and satcom systems onboard an aircraft.


Identifying a need in the industry based on the rising demand for onboard internet access, Satcom Direct’s team of IT and satcom experts created this certification to meet that demand. aeroIT is similar and complementary to the Network+ certification, an industry standard for IT networking professionals. Candidates must complete the coursework and pass the proctored exam. Successful candidates receive a renewable aeroIT certification that is valid for three years, per the industry standard.

The aeroIT certification exam is a professional level assessment, on par with a Net+ skill set. Prior to the exam, the recommended prerequisite experience is 2 years aviation training with basic knowledge of networking (how to set up a router, etc.). The aeroIT exam focuses on four areas:

  • Satellite Networks
  • Network Theory
  • Troubleshooting Aircraft Networks
  • Network Management

This training course is approved for eight FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) credits.


The aeroIT certification training has a retail cost of $6995*. This includes:

  • Four and a half days of classroom training, reviews, & exam preparation in Melbourne, FL
  • aeroIT courseware book
  • SD Learning Management System (LMS) access
  • Test voucher for the proctored examination
  • The option for testing
  • Five-night hotel stay and lunch each day

*For onsite training and certification renewal options, email

aeroIT Recertification

The aeroIT recertification is needed to keep your aeroIT certification current. The renewal course is offered online via the SD LMS, or instructor led course. For those that have achieved the aeroIT certification, the renewal will be valid for another three years.

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The aeroCNCT certification is designed to provide flight crewmembers with the knowledge, ability, and confidence to troubleshoot basic in-flight connectivity issues.


Staying connected in flight has become a necessity, but with communications, avionics, and network systems being more complex than ever, you can’t always travel with your IT department to troubleshoot when problems occur – that’s why crewmembers need aeroCNCT (Crewmember Network & Connectivity Training).

aeroCNCT is more than a certificate; it’s a professional credential developed to meet industry standards. The three (3) year certification was developed to create a standard in cabin connectivity education. The aeroCNCT exam focuses on five areas:

  • Network Basics
  • Internet and connectivity familiarization
  • Cabin network management
  • Network application and tools
  • Flight operation preparation


aeroCNCT certification has a retail cost of $1800*. This includes:

  • Two days of classroom training, reviews, and exam preparation
  • aeroCNCT courseware book
  • SD Learning Management System (LMS) access
  • Test voucher for the proctored examination
  • The option for testing

*For onsite training and pricing, email

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Satcom Direct’s CyberSAFE course offering educates users about technology-related risks and their responsibilities as an end-user in protecting organizations from them.


Human error has been identified as the leading cause of cyber security incidents and end-user education is one of the top ways to prevent network infection. Something as innocent as opening an email, clicking on unsafe links, or even using an infected USB drive in a network computer, can result in a serious breach. CyberSAFE will help users to understand security compliance considerations, social engineering, malware, and various other data-security-related concepts.

Coursework and Assessment

In this course, users will identify many of the common risks involved in using conventional end-user technology, such as web browsing, as well as ways to use them safely, to protect yourself from risks.

CyberSAFE focus is on three (3) areas:

  • Identify the need for security
  • Secure devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, and more
  • Secure your use of the Internet

This course will prepare individuals for the Certified CyberSAFE credential, obtained by completing training and brief assessment.

Course Length and Format

  • 2-3 hours via SD’s Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Online, self-paced

Who Should Attend?

  • End-users (technical and non-technical) of computers, mobile devices, networks, and the Internet, who want to learn how to use technology safely and securely, minimize digital risks and ensure company compliance.

This course is a component of the SD Cybersecurity Risk Assessment process for flight departments.

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