The aeroCNCT certification is designed to provide flight crewmembers with the knowledge, ability, and confidence to troubleshoot basic in-flight connectivity issues.


Staying connected in flight has become a necessity, but with communications, avionics, and network systems being more complex than ever, you can’t always travel with your IT department to troubleshoot when problems occur – that’s why crewmembers need aeroCNCT (Crewmember Network & Connectivity Training).

aeroCNCT is more than a certificate; it’s a professional credential developed to meet industry standards. The three (3) year certification was developed to create a standard in cabin connectivity education. The aeroCNCT exam focuses on five areas:

  • Network Basics
  • Internet and connectivity familiarization
  • Cabin network management
  • Network application and tools
  • Flight operation preparation


aeroCNCT certification has a retail cost of $1800*. This includes:

  • Two days of classroom training, reviews, and exam preparation
  • aeroCNCT courseware book
  • SD Learning Management System (LMS) access
  • Test voucher for the proctored examination
  • The option for testing
  • *For onsite training and pricing, email

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