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SD Troubleshooting Tools and Applications

Unity/Unity Air®: Support multiple SATCOM systems using your mobile device

Unity enables your avionics technicians to connect to various SATCOM systems via a personalized selection of terminal adaptors. Use the Get Satcom® and getORT+® mobile applications for troubleshooting, diagnostics and configuration information. Unity Air provides a wireless connection, allowing you to download logs and upload ORT files from the comfort of the cabin.

Get ORT+

  • Load ORT files onto Honeywell SDUs
  • Load AIS-2000 SatTV systems with channel listing and receiver information
  • Includes preloaded ORT files from Satcom Direct
  • Ability to load ORT files received via email

Get Satcom®

  • Interface with satcom equipment through your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
  • Share maintenance port connections with remote web users over Wi-Fi or 3G for support & training
  • Included scripts automate downloading log data for you
  • Send log file data to Satcom Direct’s® 24/7 technical support team

SD Cabin App: Monitor and Manage Cabin Connectivity, Systems and Flight Details from one simple app

Access your favorite SD passenger and troubleshooting apps from one, comprehensive integrated application – SD Cabin.

SD Cabin combines the functionality of other SD apps: MATA, SDR, MYflight, and Yonder Toolkit and incorporates them into a single platform. Paired with the experience and reliability that SD brings to aviation, SD Cabin enhances the passenger’s experience by displaying real-time flight details, such as flight tracking including aircraft position/heading, altitude, and groundspeed, flight time, ETA, and allows troubleshooting of onboard systems when necessary.


  • Automatically detects aircraft configuration and hardware services on board, when connected to aircraft Wi-Fi
  • Use ‘subscription free’ on any aircraft with service provided via SD
  • Real-time flight tracking
  • Monitor and manage onboard network systems- now with ‘easy scan’ allowing a user to perform multiple network tests with a single click!
  • Interactive map shows origin and destination, ETA, tail number, as well as satellite network coverage maps (now including FlexExec and the Inmarsat JX spotbeam map)

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