Satcom Direct Communications: Delivering satellite communications solutions for government and military operations.

Satcom Direct Communications (SDC) provides government and military users with aeronautical, land-mobile and maritime satellite communications using Inmarsat, Iridium and Ku-band services. SDC is the leading provider of aeronautical satellite connectivity services to U.S. Military, DOD, and state and local agencies who depend on reliable, global communications. Our team ensures our government users stay connected in-flight, at sea or in remote locations around the world.

We offer total package solutions and help you determine the right mix of services and equipment that best suit your communication needs and goals. With our industry-leading customer service team and our full portfolio of satellite communications services, we are here to provide connectivity solutions for all your government and military operations. Our dedicated team is composed of retired U.S. Military veterans with an extensive background in aviation, satellite communications and government and military operations. And with our top of the line 24/7 technical support, consider Satcom Direct Communications your command center for all of your government satellite communication needs.

Service PDF Service Summary
Download Inmarsat's Global Xpress delivers seamless,
globally available high-speed broadband connectivity
anywhere you fly, from one operator
Download GlobalVT enables use of your own smartphone,
number and contacts list through all phases of flight,
from takeoff to landing
Download Iridium provides global voice, fax and
flight deck datalink communications
to military aviation
Download Pioneered by Satcom Direct in 1997, this technology
enables direct dialing to reach an aircraft in flight,
regardless of location, using its unique telephone number
Download SwiftBroadband provides global voice and
high-speed data simultaneously through a
single installation on the aircraft
Download The Satcom Direct Router (SDR) allows you to
make and receive calls, text, email, connect
to the Internet and stream data, using a combination
of the best technology and services available
Download Unity enables your avionics technicians to connect
to various SATCOM systems via a personalized
selection of terminal adaptors

Aviation Hardware and Applications
Services and Product Offerings

In addition to our industry leading services, Satcom Direct Communications has developed state-of- the-art aviation products to keep crews in constant contact.

The Satcom Direct Router (SDR) manages all of the mission communication systems—L-band, Ku- band, Ka-band, X-band, 3G/4G, and WiFi—as allowed on the aircraft via intelligent traffic control that allows simultaneous use of current and future government and commercial satellite services.

Plane Simple®, the secure online account management access tool allows end users to access records for communications services available on the aircraft. Plane Simple provides configuration summaries and usage records as well as call traffic related to recent and historical flight information.

Unity enables your avionics technicians to connect to various SATCOM systems via a standardized selection of terminal adaptors, and it includes the Get Satcom® and getORT+® mobile applications for troubleshooting, diagnostics and configuration information.

The Mobile Access Troubleshooting Application (MATA) assists end users by providing a tool to troubleshoot the connectivity and configuration of SATCOM systems on the aircraft. Networking commands such as Ping and Traceroute are used to verify if devices are successfully connected to the Internet.

The Satcom Direct Data Center secures all Satcom Direct services. This 25,000-sq-ft facility is built to Tier III standards and provides the encrypted connection for SATCOM network traffic to ground earth stations and manages connectivity for end user networks. No matter where the traffic is generated, our data center is constantly monitoring in order to detect and report potentially malicious activity. All security policies are in accordance with SSAE 16 and FISMA recommendations and the operation is SSAE 16 SOC 1 type 2 compliant.

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