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SD Cabin Networking Systems fit a wide variety of aircraft, passenger, and crew needs.

Compare various hardware systems to discover which system is best for you.

SDR® Series

Raising the standard for inflight connectivity.

The SDR series of products – the SDR and SDR Gateway – provide the ultimate flexibility in connectivity for the business jet cabin, and are built to support the future of airborne communications for owners, operators, passengers and crew.

The SDR and SDR Gateway differ in form factor but they share a common software platform that provides more capability and power to users than any other aircraft router system. The advanced SDR technology allows for unique customization of the onboard network, so you can tailor your network for your connectivity needs. This SDR Series also provides the platform to the full spectrum of SD’s value-added services for the cabin. Features range from simple voice capabilities to complete office capabilities—including popular telephony applications, 4G/LTE communications services, and aviation certified WiFi.

Your Key to a Synchronized Operation

While the SDR and SDR Gateway are designed to optimize and enhance the onboard internet experience enabling laptops, tablets and smartphones in-flight, the products also enable the flight department on the ground too. Once installed, the SDR and SDR Gateway become the platform with which aircraft and flight departments become synchronized. Because they interface with onboard avionics, the SDR series can extract operational data from the airplane, including telemetry and position data, providing useful aircraft performance information and real-time data in SD Pro.

The SDR Series’ small footprint and range of capabilities means more aircraft owners can benefit from inflight connectivity, including light- to medium-jets.

SD Hub Series

Fastest and smallest wireless access points available

The SD Hub Series packs big technology into small, easily installed packages. If it’s speed and range you’re seeking, the Hubs are built for your aircraft.

SD Hubs: powerful connectivity for aircraft of any size

The SD Hubs are powerful and flexible connectivity platforms. The Hubs meet the needs of small to mid-range aircraft looking for a single bearer SATCOM router, and can also pair with the SDR Series Routers for extended capabilities. These platforms enable robust connectivity, and also delivers many SD value-added services to the cabin.

When combined with the SDR series, SD Hubs add functionality and enhance connectivity performance on ultra-long range aircraft. The Hubs add additional interfaces where they are needed, supporting high definition media products and applications for passengers, and eliminating buffering and gaps in cabin coverage. With the smallest and lightest form factor in aviation, the SD Hubs improve WiFi coverage in the cabin and simplify installation.

Data Link Unit (DLU)

The ONLY FAA TSO-C159c Certified DLU for FANS over Iridium Capability

SD Avionics’ DLU is business aviation’s first and only FAA C159c TSO’d system for FANS over Iridium.

With certified RTCA DO-178B, Level D software, the DLU features a built-in Iridium Satcom transceiver, and works with a broad range of flight deck systems—to let flight crews communicate with air traffic control or other aircraft without impacting cabin communications.

The DLU requires no configuration; there are no set-up screens. Simply install. SD Data Link Unit has more time on type than competitive systems. It also has STCs on many popular aircraft types, including Challenger, Falcon, Gulfstream, BBJ, Airbus and Learjet.

FANS-1/A+ simplifies pilot to controller communication, reduces communications error and increases efficiency in congested airspace. Our DLU component can be integrated with broad range of flight decks.

Efficiency Meets Safety

  • Text-based interface reduces communications errors, eliminates repetition and language issues like accents
  • Automatic positioning reports to removes crew requirement to report, lowering crewmember stress
  • Fly more direct routes and trim operating costs

Networking and Wi-Fi Support

Wideband Antenna

The SD Wideband Antenna is designed to cover working frequencies in the 700 – 6000 MHz spectrum (GSM/CDMA/LTE/GPS/UMTS/WiFi bands). It extends WiFi range and increases performance through superior gain and efficiency with minimal return loss. The antenna can be mounted almost anywhere throughout the aircraft to provide adequate WiFi coverage.

  • Designed for the SDR Series and SD Hub Series
  • Available in both SMA and TNC configurations
  • PMA approved
  • Advanced Frequency Range: 3G/4G/LTE, 802.11n 2.4GHz + 802.11n 5.0GHz
  • Future Proof (Supports 600MHz to 6GHz)
  • Lag-free performance
  • Boosts speed, reliability and range
  • Extends coverage for the best possible experience
  • PMA 8130-3 Certified

Wideband Antenna

MIMO Antenna

  • Designed for the SD WiFi Hub or SDR Series (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz)
  • 3x RF inputs for compact installation
  • Available in both SMA and TNC configurations

Fax Adapter Unit

The fax adapter unit (FAU) is a simple, reliable airborne faxing solution that lets operators send and receive faxes worldwide without third-party equipment or software.

Analog Interface Unit

The analog interface unit (AIU) enables operators of Gulfstream III/IV, Falcon 900 and other such aircraft to extend the useful life of their legacy SATCOM systems and cabin paging systems.

Cabin Network Distribution Unit

The Cabin Network Distribution Unit (CNDU) is a 5-port, fast Ethernet switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power SD Avionics Stylus™ handsets and WiFi charging cradles.

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