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Eutelsat OneWeb LEO Ku-band

Starting in 2024, Eutelsat OneWeb will offer low earth orbit (LEO) connectivity solutions for the business aviation market, delivering the promise of a seamless, uninterrupted, and reliable broadband experience in the sky.

With speeds of up to 195Mbps and low latency, our satellites and ground network open new office-in-the-sky experiences with in-flight connectivity that is, like business, always on!

Maximum Download Speed is the rate that digital data is transferred from the internet to your computer (e.g. streaming, image downloads, webpage load times), thus “max download speed” is the maximum bandwidth that the subscriber can attain.

Maximum Upload Speed is the rate that digital data is transferred from your computer to the Internet (e.g. sending a file or video conferencing), thus “max upload speed” is the maximum bandwidth a subscriber can attain.

Eutelsat OneWeb Services Max Download Speed Max Upload Speed Monthly Allowance (GB)
Plans TBD 195 Mbps 32 Mbps TBD
Category: Broadband

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