Inmarsat BGAN

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Global L-band Service

BGAN offers reliable global broadband connectivity for mobile and fixed applications over the Inmarsat ELERA L-band network. It’s ideal for remote teams to quickly set up a temporary base and keep in contact with the office, command center, or home. Accessible via portable, vehicular, and fixed devices, it supports simultaneous voice and standard IP data up to 492 kbps for email and internet, with streaming data available to at least 384 kbps and up to 450 kbps with BGAN X-Stream for live video applications. BGAN HDR takes average speeds to 600-700 kbps and bonding two terminals together can increase connection speeds to over 1 Mbps. Compatible with IP, voice, and ISDN encryption equipment, it also supports discrete operations with GPS-free features.

Category: Broadband
Applications: Government, Land Mobile

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