Viasat Ku-Band Advanced: Offering Enhanced high-speed internet service for business aviation.

The Viasat Ku-band Advanced delivers a high-quality internet experience over land and water via the Viasat global network. With improved download speeds up to 6.0 Mbps, you can do all of your normal office tasks plus streaming media and teleconferencing. Browse the web, send and receive email or text in real-time. In service since 2006 on hundreds of business and VIP aircraft, Viasat services deliver predictable monthly fees, a high-speed connection, generous data allowances, and are available during all phases of flight. Stay productive and entertained with Viasat in-flight internet.

Take advantage of the increased speeds of Viasat Ku-band Advanced now with new pricing.

New service plans have recently been updated to increase data allocations by six-fold; from 5 GB to 30 GB for the same price!

Viasat Global Mobile Network

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Viasat Dual-band services

Available in late 2018

Viasat’s Dual-band solution is an intelligently designed system that always provides the best satellite network for internet connectivity. The service seamlessly shifts connectivity between Ka- and Ku-band networks as needed, creating an uninterrupted high-speed internet experience.

Dual-band services leverages both Ka-band and Ku-band networks to keep business jets connected in flight. Principals and their passengers can enjoy a high-speed internet experience for all they do online, wherever they go in the world. From emailing to downloading files to media streaming.

Dual-band servies provides
  • Global coverage available in all phases of aircraft operation- even taxi, takeoff, and landing.
  • In-flight connectivity that allows you to conference, surf, and stream - just like you would in your office.
  • A high-speed Ka-band network offering 16 Mbps on all plans- and even faster in the future.
  • A now faster Ku-band Advanced technology can serve as back-up service when outside of the growing Ka-band footprint (Ku-band download link up to 6 Mbps)

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