Unity & Unity Air: Support multiple SATCOM systems using your mobile device.

Unity enables your avionics technicians to connect to various SATCOM systems via a personalized selection of terminal adaptors. Use the Get Satcom® and getORT+® mobile applications for troubleshooting, diagnostics and configuration information.

Unity Mobile Apps Unity SATCOM System

Unity Air

Uniquely configured to work exclusively with the GetSatcom and getORT+ mobile applications, Unity Air lets you download logs and upload ORT files from the comfort of the cabin.

Contact Satcom Direct at +1 321-777-3000 or email sales@satcomdirect.com to learn more. Download the PDF for additional information.

Unity Air adapter

Satcom Equipement Matrix:

Part Number Unity Kit Equipment Type
101-00-00C CNX CNX-100/200/300
101-00-00V DIRECTV Honeywell AIS-2000
101-00-00E EMS HSD-128/400/440, Standalone HD-710
101-00-00H HONEYWELL Honeywell SDU MCS-3000/6000/4000/7000/7200 HD 710
101-00-00D HONEYWELL CGS CG-710, CR-710, CCU-100, CCU-200
101-00-00R ROCKWELL COLLINS SAT-906, 2100, HST, SAT2200
101-00-00T THRANE Aviator 700
101-00-00A DEALER KIT All of the above

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