SmartSky Networks: Delivering high-speed ATG connectivity.

Satcom Direct is SmartSky ready.

Satcom Direct® and SmartSky Networks have teamed up to deliver the new standard for air-to-ground (ATG) connectivity. With blazing new 4G technology, you get an airborne Wi-Fi connection that delivers streaming video, responsive internet access, email, voice calls, and text messaging – in real-time, at speeds rivaling that of terrestrial broadband connections.

SmartSky leverages the proven performance of a 4G beamforming-based wireless platform with the most substantial radio spectrum ever deployed in the aviation industry - all built upon the low-latency foundation of a secured air-to-ground network.

Satcom Direct is the exclusive distribution partner for SmartSky Networks, which includes our world class provisioning and support services. Be among the first to be SmartSky ready by scheduling your installation and selecting an introductory subscription plan to get you onboard.

Contact Satcom Direct at +1 321-777-3000 or email to learn more. Download the PDF for additional information and FAQ’s.

Monthly Data Usage Estimate:

SmartSky Data Usage Estimated hours of streaming/ month* Data included with each subscription plan (GB)
Note: Streaming a good quality video uses roughly 300 MB/hour or more.
*Estimated hours are in addition to typical monthly usage.
0 10 20 30 0 5GB 15GB 25GB Basic Corporate Enterprise Supports 10 hours or less Supports 15-30 hours Supports 25+ hours

SmartSky Coverage Map:

SmartSky Coverage Map

Plan your aircraft downtime. Contact an authorized SmartSky MRO today!

Aircraft Type Installation Partner Contact Information
Global Express
Global Express XRS
Global 5000
Global 6000
David Loso
(618) 646-8546
Lear 60 Kirk Schiebelhut
(316) 946-3167
Bombardier Lear 45
Bombardier Challenger 300
Bombardier Challenger 604
Bombardier Challenger 605
Falcon 2000
Falcon 900
Gary Harpster
(402) 475-2611
Legacy 600
Legacy 650
Falcon 7X
Falcon 50/50EX
Colleen Back
(208) 853-2280
Citation Mustang
Citation M2
Citation CJ2+
Citation CJ3
Citation CJ4
Citation XLS+
Citation Sovereign
Citation 10
Citation Latitude
Local Textron Aftermarket
Sales Representative
Jim Lauer
(818) 404-8119
Jesse Beard
P: (248) 666-8398 | C: (248) 892-4714

Coordinated by

Satcom Direct Sales Team
(321) 777-3000

SmartSky is continuing to add airframes and MRO partners. Visit for the latest list of STCs and installation partners.


Download PDF for More Information

SmartSky Brochure

SmartSky Networks FAQs

Q: What is SmartSky 4G?
A: SmartSky 4G combines patented technology with 60 MHz of spectrum (20x the current industry standard ATG system) to deliver unrivaled performance. By using phased-array beamforming, each plane gets its own dedicated signal to keep speeds high rather than multiple aircraft sharing a wider beam like the competitors.
Q: What is the speed of SmartSky 4G?
A: SmartSky's beamforming technology will provide more than 10 times the typical speed and capacity of networks currently in the market. The performance is so good, in both directions, that you can exchange large files (20+ MB) with people on the ground, visit whatever website you like, connect to your corporate VPN (and maintain connections), and even enable multiple passengers to simultaneously stream videos.
Q: What are the benefits of SmartSky 4G beyond the great cabin internet experience?
A: SmartSky provides "connected comfort" - you'll have access to increased bandwidth coupled with low latencies for a better user experience and a far better customer value. The network creates an aviation connectivity ecosystem that facilitates the ongoing adoption of emerging technologies and applications. As a result, SmartSky’s network and its users will benefit from optimum telecommunications, network, and aviation technologies provided by approved suppliers that are as committed as SmartSky to performance that really flies.  For example, having SmartSky 4G will enable you to run new applications like an HD weather solution using an innovative EFB interface that includes real-time information exchanged between the aircraft and the ground which correlates your flight path with 3D turbulence mapping, detailed winds aloft, and other pertinent aviation weather information; all previously unavailable with the current solutions using legacy systems.
Q: Which services are available with SmartSky 4G?
A: SmartSky’s goal is to facilitate solutions, not simply provide an ATG pipe. The ability of the SmartSky network to provide high bandwidth, low latency bi-directional connectivity will be key in the creation of solutions from multiple vendors. This means the types of services are unlimited and will match what you can do with your ground-based internet connections.  As selected services and applications are tailored for use on SmartSky 4G, those applications will be permitted by SmartSky to use the label “SmartSky Select” to indicate they take advantage of the bi-directional high bandwidth you’ll exclusively have with SmartSky 4G.

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