SD SkyTicket Credit Card®

SkyTicket Credit Card gives aircraft operators, worldwide, the ability to allow passengers to pre-purchase data over the operator’s satellite communication system. Passengers experience a seamless transition as they use their account on any SkyTicket Credit Card enabled aircraft.


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SD SkyTicket Credit Card FAQs

Q: What happens when a customer logs in to the onboard Wi-Fi and tries to access the internet?
A: When customers access the internet from the aircraft, they are routed to a login screen much like that of a hotel. They use to create an account or login and then purchase or use their data.
Q: Are there any limitations to SkyTicket based on classification of operator?
A: SkyTicket is available to all operators.
Q: What are the aircraft equipment requirements?
A: The aircraft must be equipped with SwiftBroadband, a Satcom Direct Router (SDR™) or SDR Gateway, and an intermediate or high gain antenna.
Q: Does SkyTicket support credit card billing?
A: The option to bill individual user credit cards is not supported. SkyTicket was created to give the operators the flexibility to bill the passenger, if they so choose. Passengers may use major credit or debit card to prepay for data.
Q: Can SkyTicket be used in conjunction with AeroX® or AeroXR℠?
A: The aircraft can have AeroXR℠ and SkyTicket, however they cannot be used simultaneously.
Q: Can some users operate without being required to log in?
A: If SkyTicket is being utilized, all passengers will be required to log in to an account for access.
Q: On what satellite network does SkyTicket work?
A: Currently, SkyTicket only works with Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband service for data. An intermediate or high gain antenna system is also required. More networks will be available in the future.
Q: Who has authority to grant usage for my account and how is the account administered?
A: End users have complete control over their account and may see a transaction and connection history at any time when logged in.
Q: How is data traffic limited for passengers?
A: The operators can set a threshold of usage, set an amount of time, or allow for unlimited access using the portal in Plane Simple.
Q: Can account activity be retrieved by the user from Plane Simple in real-time?
A: Yes. You can retrieve account usage based on a set timeframe/user and choose to bill them individually at the rate you choose. The user may log in and run a transaction or connection history report at any time. The transaction history shows the time of purchase in UTC and the number of MBs purchased. The connection history shows the log in and off times in UTC and how many MBs were used.

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