SDR: More than a router – it’s the business aviation connectivity platform for the future.

The Satcom Direct Router (SDR) goes far beyond connecting you to onboard systems. Make and receive calls, text, email, connect to the internet and stream data, using a combination of the best technology and services available, whenever and wherever you fly.

The SDR is always working to keep you connected on the ground or in the air, anywhere in the world. The router automatically selects the best connection available and keeps it updated continuously. It’s loaded with services that compress and cache data, allowing maximum bandwidth for the transmission of information. The SDR is so smart, that when it senses the aircraft is on the ground, it switches from a satellite network to 3G service for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The SDR is a powerful conduit for aircraft performance data and SD enhanced services

Because it interfaces with onboard avionics, the SDR can extract operational data from the airplane, including telemetry and position data, operational parameters and more. This SDR also provides the gateway to the full spectrum of Satcom Direct’s value-added services for the cabin including GlobalVT®, which allows you to use your own smartphone in flight, with your own number and caller ID. The SDR is the key to engaging the most valuable capabilities of SD FlightLogs and our revolutionary flight operations management platform, SD Pro.

Use your smartphone, your number.

The Satcom Direct Router is the gateway to using your own smartphone in-flight, with your own number and caller ID via SD's revolutionary GlobalVT®. The SDR provides real-time connection and their usage. You can even monitor your flight path duration through its integrated flight tracker.

Technical support like no other.

The SDR was designed for aviation use by aviation experts, so it’s loaded with technology, services and support to sustain your mission. It also comes with something no other router can give you — access to the SD team. We provide 24/7 technical support at +1 321.777.3236.

The SDR does more so that you can do more, seamlessly. The proprietary Satcom Direct® technology loaded on the SDR makes it more than a Wi-Fi hub; it’s the smart solution for your complete connectivity needs.

The SDR and SD WiFi Hub: Powerful connectivity for any size aircraft

Designed as a complement to the SDR, the SD WiFi Hub adds functionality to and enhances the performance of the SDR the for ultra-long range aircraft. The Hub provides up to an additional 900 Mbps data rates to the cabin with both 2.4 and 5 Ghz 802.11n radios. At 1” high, it has the smallest and lightest form factor in aviation, allowing for easy installation.

Contact Satcom Direct at +1 321-777-3000 or email to learn more. Download the PDF for additional information and FAQ’s.

Available SDR optimized apps and features:

APP/Feature What How Why
The GVT App® lets you use your own smartphone, nugmber and caller ID, in flight Supports voice calls and SMS messaging using your device Increases your availability and productivity through the use of your phone anywhere in the world or above it*
The SDR app lets you view your live connection status and includes a real-time flight tracker The SDR detects and indicates which devices are connected in the cockpit and cabin, as well as the position of the aircraft and current trip status So you are aware of the status of your flight and device connectivity at all times while on board
Cost-effective GSM connectivity while on the ground, anywhere in the world The SDR senses when the aircraft is on the ground and seamlessly switches users to 3G service To reduce cost by using a terrestrial network versus a satellite network, when available
Compression and acceleration service that increases data throughput Compresses and caches data To allow the maximum amount of information to travel quickly and securely to your device; you get a fast, secure connection which boosts your efficiency
A dedicated IP address for your aircraft that enables uninterrupted data and VoIP calls, wherever you fly Data packets are routed via the designated IP address so that connection is maintained as you switch between airborne and terrestrial networks To reduce cost by using a cellular service versus a satellite network, when available.
Channel bonding and aggregation services Aggregates up to four channels together, providing a larger data pipe and delivering speeds up to 1.4mbps of throughput Brings higher bandwidth advanced features to the aircraft like streaming and video conferencing
*With compatible device, within network coverage.

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