SD WiFi Hub: Your onboard voice and data communications gateway.

The SD WiFi Hub is more than a wireless access point, it is the gateway for all voice and data communications on the aircraft. It is the perfect solution for operators who have a regional mission where email access and text messaging are top priority. And, the SD WiFi Hub is a perfect complement to the Satcom Direct Router (SDR) for ultra-long range aircraft. Along with serving as the onboard router, the SD WiFi Hub delivers many Satcom Direct® value-added services to the cabin, including GlobalVT® which enables voice and text with your number on your GSM smartphone, at all phases of flight, anywhere in the world.

The Hub is much more than a Wireless Access Point (WAP)

Feature Hub Typical WAP
GlobalVT® Yes No
ARINC 429 Yes No
VoIP Calling Yes No
Configurable Discretes Yes No

It’s perfect for small to mid-range aircraft

The SD WiFi Hub may be small, but it delivers big on technology for operators of mid-size and smaller aircraft. With the smallest and lightest form factor in aviation, installation is easy making it the perfect replacement solution for legacy wireless access points. Packed with services, the Hub enables SD value-added capabilities like GlobalVT and AeroV®, bringing powerful connectivity and a premium user experience to aircraft of all sizes.

The Hub complements the Satcom Direct Router (SDR) in large aircraft

For ultra-long range aircraft the SD WiFi Hub adds functionality for and enhances the performance of the Satcom Direct Router (SDR). Designed to operate as an extension to the SDR, it provides up to an additional 900Mbps data rates to the cabin with both 2.4 and 5 Ghz 802.11n radios. The Hub expands capability and adds additional interfaces where they are needed, simplifying the installation and improving Wi-Fi coverage in the cabin. The SD WiFi Hub supports high definition media products and applications for all passengers eliminating buffering and gaps in cabin coverage.

Feature SDR Hub
Gigabit Ethernet Support 8 3
ARINC 429 2Rx, 4Tx 2Rx
Discrete IO 5 in, 4 out 1 in, 2 out
GlobalVT® Yes Yes
AeroXR / Xiplink Yes No
Bit-Level Caching Yes No

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