SD Private Network: Unparalleled security and reliability for aviation connectivity.

Satcom Direct does more than keep our customers connected at every altitude. Via the SD Private Network, we bring an unparalleled level of security and reliability to every product and service we offer. The SD Private Network is a global communications framework that interconnects with satellite and air-to-ground connectivity providers via the SD Data Center and its multiple points of presence (POPs), worldwide. This allows the application of SD proprietary value-added services to improve data speeds, create seamless transitions between ground-based and airborne communications networks, filter unwanted data transmissions to and from the aircraft, and enable the use of computers and personal devices in-flight, just like on the ground. Because of these enhancements, you get a better user experience than any other service provider can offer, even over the same satellite or air-to-ground network.

With POPs located in the US and Europe, we can offer flexible routing and addressing options to meet various corporate policies and regulatory requirements.

Constantly monitored for security threats.

The SD Private Network infrastructure is constantly monitored to ensure 100% uptime. The latest IT security and best practices are applied and maintained to meet the compliance requirements for numerous industries. Our in-house network security experts stay ahead of evolving security threats and proactively monitor network activity so that we can identify and block intrusion attempts in real-time.

Feature Benefits
SD products, services, and applications are monitored 24/7 via our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center World-class support and reliable connectivity
The SD Data Center is a secured hub for SD customer connectivity and value added services Customer data handled by SD is securely stored so you always know where your information is landing
Network penetration testing (pen-testing) is conducted weekly by a third-party security firm We stay ahead of evolving security threats
Our daily vulnerability assessments check for software patch updates and detect and eradicate malware We find the problems before the bad guys do
Real-time threat monitoring, tracking security logs of activity from any other IP addresses to ours We identify and block intrusion attempts by cyber criminals looking for opportunities
SD operates our own points of presence, worldwide, facilitating public, private, static, dynamic, US and Europe based IP addressing Enables solutions based on your requirements from corporate policies to regulatory specifications
SD Custom Routing: Added level of protection and control.

All SD customers using SD products and services automatically get the benefit of the unique architecture of the SD Private Network ā€” SD Custom Routing offers an added level of protection and control. By selecting SD Custom Routing, all of your airborne data traffic can be delivered from the connectivity provider directly to your corporate network, bypassing their public routing and the internet.

You can then apply your corporate security policies to handle, block, or deliver information according to your specifications. SD Custom Routing gives you the ability to make your aircraft on-board network operate as an extension of your corporate office.

Private Jet. Private network. Private data center. Peace of mind.
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Global threat monitoring by the SD Data Center

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