Panasonic Avionics Ku Solution: Delivering worldwide high-speed connectivity and live television

Panasonic Avionics Ku solution for Business Aviation offers worldwide high-speed connectivity and live television all through a single antenna. With prioritized traffic, optimized bandwidth and a scalable open network architecture, Panasonic can easily meet current and future bandwidth needs. Panasonic's aviation solution leverages the same network that has been successfully proven in commercial aviation and is active on over 1000 aircraft today.

Panasonic Ku Worldwide Coverage

Take advantage of an unrivaled connectivity experience with service that is available worldwide and covers 99.6% of the world's flight routes.

Panasonic Coverage Map

Accelerate and maximize the bandwidth available
VoIP calling over Panasonic's bandwidth
delivers improved call quality
Boundary notifications and alerts uplinked
to the flight deck by customer regions
Use your phone number and your phone at
any altitude, anywhere in the world
Monitor plan usage and consumption to
better manage service plan selection
Accurate real-time position data in all phases of flight
Monitor connectivity and manage the bandwidth available
Troubleshoot connectivity systems
issues and required updates

Security in the Sky

The proprietary SD Private Network provides a secured environment for your internet traffic, and gives you the power to choose where your data goes. Bypass the public internet, encrypt your data traffic, or route your data via our points of presence around the world. SD can create a secure tunnel back to your corporate network so your aircraft can be compliant anywhere in the world.


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