In-Flight Softphone

Satcom Direct's AeroV® service was the first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution designed and built specifically for aviation. AeroV enables full featured voice calling using the aircraft broadband internet connection and your personal smartphone – no computer needed. Your phone becomes an extension of the aircraft phone system, allowing you to be reached directly through the Global One Number® (GON) and the extension you configure.

Simply connect to the Wi-Fi on the aircraft to make calls and send text messages from your phone’s contact list.

  • Enables your smartphone as a VoIP handset
  • Direct dialing voice calls and text using your contacts
  • Works with Yonder®, Iridium, and Inmarsat satellite networks
  • Provides intuitive interface for multiple call management that gives you the ability to utilize phone contacts, swap, merge, split and transfer calls


Mobile Satcom Support with Unity

getORT+® is a mobile application for use with the Unity kit for configuration management and remote assistance from Satcom Direct.

Unity enables your avionics technicians to connect to various satcom systems via system specific terminal adapters and Get Satcom®/getORT+® for troubleshooting, diagnostics and maintenance information.

  • Load ORT files onto Honeywell SDUs
  • Load AIS-2000 SatTV systems with channel listing and receiver information
  • Includes preloaded ORT files from Satcom Direct
  • Ability to load ORT files received via email

Get Satcom®

Mobile Satcom Support with Unity

Get Satcom® is a mobile application for use with the Unity kit for configuration management and remote assistance from Satcom Direct.

Unity enables your avionics technicians to connect to various satcom systems via system specific terminal adapters and Get Satcom®/getORT+® for troubleshooting, diagnostics and maintenance information.

  • Interface with satcom equipment through your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
  • Share maintenance port connections with remote web users over Wi-Fi or 3G for support & training
  • Included scripts automate downloading log data for you
  • Send log file data to Satcom Direct’s® 24/7 technical support team


Global Voice and Text on Your Smartphone, Your Number

GlobalVT® Enables Voice and Text In-Flight with Your Number on Your Smartphone – Any Altitude, Anywhere in the World.

Available on aircraft equipped with the Satcom Direct Router, and compatible SATCOM service, GlobalVT® works through all phases of flight from takeoff to landing.

  • Voice and text using your smartphone, your number, any altitude, anywhere in the world
  • Make and receive calls and texts, just like on the ground
  • Use of your smartphone’s contact list for dialing and text messaging, including personalized ringtones and Caller ID settings
  • Service available through multiple satellite networks


Mobile Access Troubleshooting Application

The Mobile Access Troubleshooting Application (MATA) assists customers when troubleshooting the connectivity and configuration of satcom systems aboard their aircraft.

  • Confirm your satcom system is all set to go prior to takeoff. The MATA app runs a suite of connectivity tests to ensure you will receive the best experience while onboard
  • Results are displayed to the user and can be sent via email or SMS to the Satcom Direct support team


Moving Map Service

MYflight® is a moving map service that offers passengers real time flight information – wherever and whatever they fly. Designed to be completely mobile, MYflight is the first application of its kind that does NOT require any additional hardware aboard the aircraft -- all you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

MYflight® is fully compatible with all IP-based satellite broadband connectivity solutions, bringing the fastest delivery of programming content, up-to-the minute position reports, aircraft information, and weather data, right into the passenger’s hands.

Paired with the experience and reliability that Satcom Direct brings to aviation, MYflight® enhances the passenger experience in every aircraft cabin.

  • No additional hardware required – no upgrades, no STC, no install, no down time
  • Use on any aircraft with an internet connection
  • Displays real-time flight data and aircraft information
  • Requires no login – open the app and see where you are
  • Displays the aircraft telephone number
  • Map views are the same passengers are used to – Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite
  • Customizable display

PS Mobile

Account Management

PS Mobile is an account management application that allows customers to access detailed records for all of the active services available aboard their aircraft.

  • Provides configuration summaries, daily and monthly usage records as well as in-depth call traffic information
  • Allows users to access details about their most recent and/or current flight leg information

SD Cabin

Passenger Flight Details and Trouble Shooting

Monitor and manage on-board systems and track real-time flight details from one app

Access your favorite Satcom Direct passenger and troubleshooting apps from one, comprehensive integrated application - SD Cabin. SD Cabin combines the functionality of other SD apps: MATA, SDR, MYflight, and Yonder; from one easy to use platform. Paired with the experience and reliability that SD brings to aviation, SD Cabin enhances the passenger’s experience by displaying real-time flight details, such as flight tracking including aircraft position/heading, altitude, and groundspeed, flight time, ETA, and troubleshooting onboard systems, if needed, all from one, consolidated application.

  • Automatically detects aircraft configuration and hardware services on board, when connected to aircraft Wi-Fi
  • Use on any aircraft with service provided via SD
  • Real-time track flight and destination weather
  • Monitor and manage onboard network systems
  • Interactive map shows origin and destination, ETA, destination weather, tail number, as well as satellite network coverage maps


View SDR and SD WiFi Hub Status and Services

The SDR app allows users to monitor and manage the aircraft’s Satcom Direct Router and SD WiFi Hub services and features.

  • See satcom connectivity status and data usage
  • View onboard phones and handset status
  • Use the moving map and Flight Tracker to view your current location and ETA
  • Real time device connection status reporting
  • Command and control of satellite links

Yonder Toolkit

Real-time Yonder Terminal Management

The Yonder® Toolkit is the ideal way for maintenance and avionics technicians to monitor and manage the ViaSat Yonder satellite terminal and service on a tablet in real-time.

  • Designed for use onboard aircraft
  • Moving map display with service coverage maps
  • Email captured log data for analysis
  • Monitor and collect real-time diagnostics