Compliance-driven solution for managing operational and tax reporting

For most companies with corporate aircraft, their finance functions and/or their aviation departments often assume that aviation-related SEC and IRS reporting requirements are being handled properly and all necessary disclosures are made. While it is entirely possible this is true, many companies are unsure of what/how to comply. The regulations are complicated, and these companies risk reporting failures related to SIFL income, IRS expense disallowance, or SEC proxy disclosures. Failure in these areas could result in penalties, audit issues, or negative publicity.

Satcom Direct works with its clients to create a process to capture and manage your aviation data using our proprietary, industry-leading software. Our Managed Solutions offer compliance-driven reporting solutions and aviation accounting disclosures tailored for company management, shareholders and regulatory agencies.

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Our team provides expertise to manage the flow of your flight and expense data. Your information is handled confidentially, according to your custom reporting needs and internal accounting requirements. These details may include the following items:

  • Aircraft Leases
  • Aircraft times sharing agreements
  • Internal invoicing, departmental chargebacks and project codes
  • SIFL imputed income and expense disallowance
  • Personal use of company aircraft by a Name Executive Office (NEO)
  • Employing an aircraft manager for charter use
  • Sublease of your plane to an aircraft manager for charter use
Satcom Direct provides company management the ability to focus on strategic, pertinent finance and compliance issues instead of administrative activities associated with the flight department.

Whether you have one aircraft or an entire fleet, Satcom Direct can provide the aviation business process solutions you need. Contact us today to schedule a time to review your flight record process. Let SD give you the “control” you need to manage your business more efficiently.

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Let SD connect your flight data to the back office.

Business process solutions & reporting

Standard Reporting includes:

  • Tracking aircraft utilization, business purpose and passenger travel
  • SEC reporting of NEO personal use and incremental costs
  • Payroll-ready SIFL calculations for IRS fringe benefit reporting
  • IRS entertainment disallowance calculations and comparisons
  • Time sharing agreements (TSA) and Federal Excise Tax calculations
  • Flight by flight expense tracking

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