SD FlightLogs℠: The First Automated Flight Log Solution.

SD FlightLogs, Satcom Direct's exclusive eletronic flight log solution, is the first web-based system designed to auto capture and manage aircraft flight log data. With data capture powered by Satcom Direct's premium datalink service, FlightDeck Freedom (FDF), SD FlightLogs automates the tracking of aircraft movements, calculating and recording flight time and cycle events leg by leg, reducing manual input.

Available exclusively on the SD Pro platform, SD FlightLogs gives flight personnel real-time access to live data, keeping them in sync with their aircraft. They can access information utilizing three simply designed screens, to view high-level summary trip data or detailed flight leg information. Whether accessed from a desktop computer, or on the move via a mobile device, SD FlightLogs serves as a smart system that provides user guidance, reduces human error and delivers real-time data.

SD FlightLogs creates an efficent, single access point for all flight personnel from pilot to maintenance and scheduler, revolutionizing the way aircraft movement events are accessed and recorded.

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SD FlightLogs FAQs

Q: Where is my SD FlightLogs data stored?
A: SD FlightLogs data is stored in the SD Data Center, SD's wholly owned, state-of-the-art facility.
Q: Is all SD FlightLogs information auto captured?
A: SD FlightLogs will only auto capture information if you have FlightDeck Freedom datalink. Depending on avionics type, automation is applied and, occasionally, manual entry is required for certain fields. SD FlightLogs will alert the user if a required field has missing or inconsistent data.
Q: Can I edit SD FlightLogs automated data?
A: Yes, users have the ability to make edits to manually entered and automatically captured information. Users always have the ability to update SD FlightLogs data prior to leg verification.
Q: Is Wi-Fi connection required?
A: Yes, an Internet connection is required in order to receive updates and/or validate manual modifications.
Q: Are there any hardware install requirements?
A: No, if your aircraft is flight deck datalink capable and subscribed to our FlightDeck Freedom service then SD FlightLogs is available to you.
Q: Where is SD FlightLogs data coming from?
A: SD FlightLogs automatically captures data from multiple sources on the aircraft and ground based solutions. From our patent pending technology, Satcom Direct validates, calculates, and captures all data sources making it available in SD FlightLogs.
Q: How is SD FlightLogs usage billed?
A: With an active subscription to FlightDeck Freedom, SD FlightLogs is billed on a per tail basis.

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