SD Flight Tracker: Global mapping solution for business aviation.

SD Flight Tracker is Satcom Direct’s innovative global mapping solution that graphically displays precise fleet coordinates from a variety of data sources including the FAA, Inmarsat SwiftBroadband, NavCanada, SpiderTracks, FlightCell, ViaSat Ku-band as well as Satcom Direct’s FlightDeck Freedom® service and the Satcom Direct Router (SDR).

SD Flight Tracker is responsive and can be accessed through any mobile device. Now integrated into SD Pro, the integrated flight operations management platform, you can view SD Flight Tracker along with your other selected SD Pro modules such as SD FlightLogs , SD FlightTracker, Connectivity, Maintenance, Trip Provider Services, and more. From the SD Pro Dashboard, you can access map views, notifications and pop up alerts.

SD Flight Tracker may be viewed via the SD Pro Dashboard, FlightDeck Freedom, or the SD Flight Tracker mobile app, giving you the flexibility to get the information you need whenever you need it.

Flight Tracker

TrackerMail: Real-time status notifications through aircraft's unique email address

When activated the FlightDeck Freedom, SD Flight Tracker includes Satcom Direct's exclusive TrackerMail service. TrackerMail is an automated service that allows users to request real-time status and location of their aircraft by sending an email to the aircraft's unique TrackerMail address. The service automatically replies to the request with the current location and of the aircraft. Inidividual user configuration allows automatic updates to be delivered on a specified frequency while the aircraft is in flight.

Flight Tracker

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