Stylus Handset: Aviation’s most customizable handset

Available in corded Ethernet and WiFi models.

Sleek and beautiful, the Stylus family of handsets has rugged construction, made of aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass or high quality Clarex acrylic, with an intuitive interface and high-fidelity sound. Stylus handsets can be configured to display any language, even those with non-Latin alphabets. The Stylus family of handsets is backward compatible with Simphonē handset cut-outs making it easy to install and upgrade without additional wiring. It’s also a great replacement for MagnaStar systems – no additional wiring required.

The Stylus WiFi handset lets you cut the cord, offering features that allow you benefit from all the advantages of a cordless phone, without all the headaches. Featuring self-configuration technology, and smart battery management technology, Stylus WiFi handsets are always where you need them.


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