Satcom Direct providing innovative global communication technology since 1997

Our industry-leading offerings include cockpit datalink service, accelerated high-speed data, real-time monitoring, VoIP services, ATS position reporting and unified electronic billing. Training classes and technology seminars also are available to customers who want to understand the networks, hardware configuration and troubleshooting techniques.

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  • SD Cyber Security Solutions

    Protect your data while in flight

    Many think their data can’t be hacked—until it is

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    Security Assessments and Audits
  • SD Pro

    Provides accurate, integrated information for the entire flight operation from one interface

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    Aircraft Information Platform
  • SD Wifi Hub

    Your onboard voice and data communications gateway

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    SD Wifi Hub
  • SD LTE Hub

    Smallest and fastest wireless access point with cellular LTE-A connectivity

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    Network Connectivity Hub
  • SDR

    More than a router – it’s the connectivity platform for the future

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    Satcom Direct Router
  • Voice & Data Networks

    Find out more about what we offer on a number of different networks

    Inmarsat Iridium SmartSky Viasat
    Voice & Data Networks
  • FlightDeck Freedom

    FlightDeck Freedom® (FDF) datalink service is fully compatible with all avionics and airframe manufacturers

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  • Jet ConneX

    Ultimate Connectivity for Business and Private Aviation

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    The fastest in-flight internet
  • GeoServices

    FDF GeoServices provides geolocation-based services and notifications with FlightDeck Freedom®

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    Geo-location Based Services
  • Trip Planning

    Plan your flight with confidence and accuracy

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    Online Trip Provider Services
  • GlobalVT

    Lets you use voice and text in-flight with your smartphone and your caller ID – any altitude, anywhere in the world

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    Global Voice & Text
  • Mobile Applications

    Satcom Direct® provides a number of mobile applications to keep you connected

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    Mobile Apps
  • SD FlightLogs

    The first automated flight logs solution

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    Automated Flight Logs
  • OneView

    With OneView service from Satcom Direct®, you can access DIRECTV, America's #1 satellite TV service

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    SD Entertainment
  • AeroXR

    Take your in-flight data speeds to the next level with AeroXR℠

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  • Unity

    Unity℠ enables avionics technicians to service various satcom systems using iOS device as the interface

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  • Global One Number

    Satcom Direct® pioneered the Global One Number® (GON) service - a technology that allows callers on the ground to reach any aircraft handset in-flight by dialing a single, 10-digit telephone number

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    Direct Dialing
  • Satcom Onsite

    Satcom Onsite – provides technical services and support at the customer’s location for any aircraft "in distress"

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    On-Site Services
  • SD Flight Tracker

    Satcom Direct® Flight Tracker’s state-of-the-art global mapping solution graphically displays precise fleet coordinates

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    Flight Tracking
  • Plane Simple

    Plane Simple® is a free, web-based tool that gives customers diagnostic and troubleshooting tools for their aircraft

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    Online Account Management
  • Aircare International

    Satcom Direct® has teamed up with Aircare Access® Assistance to provide our customers with 24/7 world-wide tele-medical and tele-support services

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  • Entry Into Service

    Entry into Service (EIS) offers on-site training and technical support

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    On-Site training and technical support
  • Panasonic

    Panasonic Avionics Ku Solution: Delivering worldwide high-speed connectivity and live television

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    Data Network
  • SiriusXM

    SiriusXM: Complete, coast-to-coast high-resolution weather and SD Entertainment

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    SD Entertainment
  • Wide Band and MIMO Antennas

    Increase WiFi speed, reliability and range

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  • Fax Adaptor Unit

    Improve onboard network performance of legacy system

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    Airborne faxing solution
  • Analog Interface Unit

    Extends useful life of legacy SATCOM systems

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    Analog Interface
  • Stylus Handsets

    Available in corded Ethernet and WiFi models

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    Aviation’s most customizable handset
  • Data Link Unit (DLU)

    Only FAA TSO-C159a Certified DLU for FANS over Iridium capability

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    Flight Deck Communications
  • SDR Gateway

    A communications platform, designed to work seamlessly with passenger devices now and into the future

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    Connectivity Advanced Platform
  • Aviation Tax and Compliance Reporting

    Providing control over your corporate aviation data

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    Tax and Compliance Reporting