Satcom Direct marks a decade of operations in Latin America

Satcom Direct marks a decade of operations in Latin America

São Paulo, Brazil / 9 August 2022 – Satcom Direct Brazil, the business aviation provider, is attending this year’s LABACE – 9 – 11 August, São Paulo – in a festive mood as it celebrates a decade of business operations across the Latin American region. Since launch, SD has grown from a single employee to a team of eight delivering the complete eco-system of SD products for air taxi services, business aviation owners and operators, and maritime customers.

Managing Director for SD Brazil, Ewerton Libanio, says, “We have spent the last ten years helping our customers navigate the complexities of connectivity by providing unwavering support, education about the technology, and powerful value-added services including award-winning customer service, technical training, and cybersecurity solutions. Delivering premium products and personal service have formed the foundations of our success in the region.”

SD Brazil customers have embraced the combined benefits of the SD hardware, software and terrestrial infrastructure, which are underpinned by long-standing relationships with satellite network partners. The demand for high-speed connectivity to support internet usage and communications has been the most popular request driving the business growth. It continues to be the most popular commercial service. SD has responded by creating solutions powered predominantly by Inmarsat’s Swift Broadband and Jet Connex airtime services to deliver reliable inflight voice and data connectivity across a region characterized by diverse terrain and weather systems.

Libanio anticipates that introducing the SD Plane Simple™ Ku-band antenna series will be the next connectivity game-changer in the region.  Connected to the high throughput Intelsat FlexExec constellation, the advanced antenna technology will bring faster, consistent connectivity. With just two line-replaceable units – the SD Modem and Plane Simple antenna – installation is minimally invasive, and upgrade paths are seamless. “Our customers welcome the latest technology to enhance their operations, improve their experience, and better support efficiencies. With Plane Simple, we are streamlining the connectivity acquisition and management proposition. Our customers will find the ability to buy and receive customer support for end-to-end connectivity from a single resource extremely attractive.”

Brazil is home to the largest number of SD Brazil customers, but aircraft from Argentina, Chile and Mexico, among others, are also flying with SD products. “This region has such a mix of terrain, aircraft, and customer types that the potential for future growth is immense. We have developed a reputation for educating the market and providing the best and most affordable solutions. With the new Plane Simple antenna series, we are building on this by simplifying connectivity operations to alter dramatically how the end user interacts with the technology. We are excited to see what the next ten years bring.” The tenth celebration complements the silver anniversary of Satcom Direct as a global business as it marks 25 years of connecting customers.

SD Brazil has also recently launched Yacht Connect to complement its connectivity portfolio. The SD Marine solution supports connectivity for sports fishing and superyacht vessels. The marine service follows the SD concept of providing the best inflight experience and transferring this knowledge to leisure vessels. “With Yacht Connect, SD is providing a single resource enabling the principal to seamlessly transition from aircraft to boat while experiencing the same quality of internet performance and renowned SD 24/7 support,” concludes Libanio.


Satcom Direct is showcasing its products and services at LABACE 2022 – Booth 8007.

Photo – Ewerton Libanio (front centre) Managing Director of Satcom Direct Brazil has led the company and team development since launch ten years ago.


About Satcom Direct
Satcom Direct (SD) is founded on a core belief in understanding the value of time and the importance of maximizing it. The company mobilizes the most cutting-edge technologies to enable connection, wherever you might be. SD’s proprietary technologies span business aviation, marine, government and telecommunications sectors, with the singular goal of leading connectivity industry standards.

Harnessing a powerful combination of tools, SD delivers consistent, reliable connectivity across the globe. Proprietary software, hardware, terrestrial infrastructure, cybersecurity solutions and award-winning customer services, create tailored data services for each individual customer mission. The aim is to enhance the passenger experience, improve efficiencies and give back precious time by providing connectivity beyond all expectations.

SD World Headquarters is located in the heart of the Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida, with 14 additional locations in 11 countries including the UK, UAE, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, and Brazil, plus a hardware development and manufacturing base in Ottawa, Canada.   For more information regarding SD, visit, e-mail [email protected], or call U.S. +1.321.777.3000 or UK +44.1252.554.460.


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