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Jim Jensen, CEO and Founder

An engineer by trade, Jim is a visionary in the truest sense, anticipating what future customers and market segments need before they even know it is possible. His enthusiasm for the customers and his willingness to invest in company research and development has established SD as a leader in  satellite communications and connectivity for aviation, marine, government and mobile customers. 

Role at SD

Jim has always positioned the customer as the principal driver of the business. Jim listens to the customers and uses their input to shape the company development. He works with his senior executives, all of which, including Jim, are aviators, to understand the changing market needs to create pioneering technology that meets all mission needs. 

Prior to SD

Jim has over 25 years of experience in aviation, satellite networks and Inmarsat services, and he holds the patent for his development of Satcom Direct’s exclusive Global One Number®. 

Chris Moore, President

Chris Moore joined Satcom Direct in 2012 as Vice President of Satcom Direct International, and following great success in expanding the global footprint, moved to SD World Headquarters in 2016, where he is now President. He is an experienced executive and has demonstrated a history of supporting successful business growth. He has contributed to company success for renowned satellite, software, and aerospace organizations, by recognizing commercial opportunities and applying strategic knowhow to optimize positive outcomes. 

Role at SD

Chris oversees Satcom Direct’s global corporate development. Chris steers the business, identifies new commercial opportunities, and creates original business models that appeal to partners, suppliers and most importantly customers.  Working closely with the executive team he develops initiatives to realize the long-term vision of SD as it continues strengthening its position as a forward-thinking technology business. 

Prior to SD

Chris has 18 years’ experience in the global telecommunications and IT business space. He began his career in product management for Westcon before taking on various commercial roles. More recently, he served as Vice President of Sales at Horizon Mobile, as Vice President of Sales of Trading Apps, and as Global Sales Director of Inmarsat PLC for the aeronautical, maritime, land and government markets. Chris holds an international business degree from University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Zachary A. Cotner, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Zachary has worked as a dedicated financier throughout his career which led him to his role as Chief Financial Officer at Satcom Direct in 2018. His knowledge of finance and investing have seen him successfully lead finance departments across multiple industries including, investment banking, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace OEMs.

Role at SD

As Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Zachary takes the lead on all financial matters at Satcom Direct as he steers global accounting, corporate strategic development, finance, treasury and tax departments. He refines budgeting and financial reporting, to develop pricing models to align with the company’s rapid international expansion.

Prior to SD

With over 20 years of broad-based experience in the financial sector, Zachary has been responsible for growth in multiple industries. He began his career as an analyst in private equity. He successfully rose through the ranks taking in periods at investment management and biotech firms before joining Erickson which set him on the path to Satcom Direct.

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