Meet relentless demand for digital content in a news world with many ways to consume breaking stories. Where live broadcast contribution anytime, any place is now standard.

Satcom Direct’s satellite communications, terrestrial connectivity and infrastructure service solutions deliver reliable, high-speed global access to the networks, applications and data that are critical to your digital content creation. Wherever and whenever it happens.

Our secure, high-availability media solutions include:

  • L, Ku, and Ka-band satellite connectivity for mobile and fixed communications
  • Flexible contracts, including occasional use
  • Guaranteed bandwidth on demand
  • Mobile and portable devices, vehicle mounted and fixed VSAT antennas
  • SD InSight, a mobile device tracking tool which shows the last known position of selected satellite handheld devices via a web portal for monitoring both personnel and the asset through its lifetime.
  • Interconnection to a comprehensive ecosystem of satellite, transmission, internet, cloud and Content Delivery Network services at our data centers
  • Access to SD’s private terrestrial infrastructure for secure, end-to-end global connectivity

SD is trusted to deliver resilient, independent solutions at the highest quality of service and customer support. We’re accustomed to handling complex communications requirements and work closely with you to create customized, end-to-end solutions that help you reliably deliver digital content at anytime from anywhere.

Satellite News Gathering

Deliver live HD contribution with low latency return video, high-quality audio contribution, transfer large files, send stills, and file stories.

Broadband Mobile Office

Connect reporting teams on the move in remote locations to the newsroom with lightweight devices that fit in a back pack for voice, email, messaging, video calling and conferencing, internet and VPN access. Enhance journalists’ safety with vehicle tracking and emergency communications.

News Bureau Communications

Connect news bureaus in remote locations to corporate networks with reliable, high-speed fixed links. Implement back-up communications for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Our experts are ready to discuss your requirements and create a customized solution that meets your objectives.