Energy & Utility

Extend digitalization to all operations with fully integrated, dependable communications that help optimize output, efficiency, costs, and safety.

Satcom Direct’s satellite communications, terrestrial connectivity, and infrastructure service solutions deliver secure, reliable global access to the networks, applications, and data that are critical to your operations. Wherever they are onshore or offshore.

We provide the full range of satellite connectivity options for voice, data, and video applications that enable digitalization across all operations. Scalable from simple point-to-point links to complete end-to-end, global solutions at the highest levels of availability, security, and performance.

Our secure, high availability energy and utility solutions include:  

  • L, Ku, and Ka-band satellite connectivity for mobile and fixed communications
  • Flexible contract lengths
  • Guaranteed bandwidth on demand
  • A wide range of mobile and portable devices, fixed and maritime VSAT antennas, and IoT terminals
  • SD InSight, a mobile device tracking tool which shows the last known position of selected satellite handheld devices via a web portal for monitoring both personnel and the asset through its lifetime
  • Interconnection to a comprehensive ecosystem of satellite, transmission, internet, cloud, and Content Delivery Network services via our data centers
  • Access to SD’s private terrestrial infrastructure for secure, end-to-end global connectivity.

SD is trusted to deliver resilient, independent solutions at the highest quality of service and customer support. We’re accustomed to handling complex communications requirements and work closely with you to create customized, end-to-end solutions that help meet your objectives.

Remote Communications

Keep field teams on the move connected by voice, email, internet access, and video conferencing. Connect established operations to the VPN and cloud for continual secure access to corporate applications and data.

Remote Asset Management

Monitor and manage remote assets in real-time, including pipelines, wellheads, wind, and solar farms, to quickly identify and resolve issues through IoT solutions. Automate key processes to reduce response time and costs. Monitor environmental data to take proactive action that minimizes damage to critical infrastructure and downtime.

Safety, Welfare & Security

Track the location of field staff and vehicles. Implement telemedicine for remote staff to improve emergency response. Remotely monitor sites and critical assets to enhance security and stop disturbance to operations. Provide remote staff with access to communications to maintain morale and improve retention.

Business Continuity

Implement back-up communications for operational continuity in any circumstances and rapid disaster recovery.

Satellite Services

L, Ku and Ka-band services from industry-leading satellite network operators.

Devices & Terminals

Robust, fit-for-purpose communications equipment in all form factors.

Data Centers

Secure, compliant facilities for continuous access to critical applications and data.

Our experts are ready to discuss your requirements and create a customized solution that meets your objectives.