Prepare to expect the unexpected. Whether it’s a wildfire, hurricane, earthquake, extreme weather, or a man-made disaster, minimize the impact and maintain essential operations.

Satcom Direct delivers uninterrupted, secure connectivity to the people, networks, data, and applications that are critical during a crisis. We offer solutions for each phase of disaster management to ensure emergency responders are always contactable and affected businesses can still operate.

Satellite Communications

When terrestrial networks are down, satellite communications are the only viable connectivity option. SD offers a comprehensive range of quickly deployable satellite devices and terminals for immediate contact with emergency responders to maintain real-time situational awareness, command and control, and more efficient rescue efforts; and back-up communications for faster recovery by affected businesses.

Wherever the disaster occurs, SD provides network coverage via global satellite services. We have the expertise to interconnect different networks used by emergency response teams to provide complete interoperability. Connect to your government or corporate networks using a VSAT terminal and uplink/downlink services provided by our Satellite Ground Stations.

Data Center Services

We provide the full range of colocation, backup and disaster recovery, cloud solutions, and network recovery with private network connections (VPN/SDPN) back to your chosen location to ensure your critical applications and data are always available.

Infrastructure Services

Our Infrastructure Services are delivered through a combination of our own Data Center and Satellite Ground Stations, and those of our partners to provide complete global coverage. All Data Centers and Satellite Ground Stations are interconnected by a fully redundant, private network for end-to-end, secure global connectivity at the highest level of availability.

Network Recovery Planning

Our experts work closely with you to develop a customized plan that’s optimal for your industry sector, customer base and technology solution. We help you prioritize the processes and applications that need to come online first, to minimize the impact and maintain essential operations.

Satellite Services

Reliable connectivity for emergency response teams on the ground, in the air, and at sea.

Devices & Terminals

Robust, fit-for-purpose communications equipment in all form factors.

Data Centers

Secure, compliant facilities for continuous access to critical applications and data.

Our experts are ready to discuss your requirements and create a customized solution that meets your objectives.