Satellite Ground Stations

Whether the strategic decision is to build or outsource ground stations, end-to-end quality of service is paramount.

SD Satellite Ground Stations reduce network investment, deployment time, and operating costs with highly secure, reliable access to the global satellite communications networks and terrestrial connections that are critical to your business.

We serve satellite operators and service providers, carriers, government, enterprise, and media customers. We provide the full range of connectivity options – from simple point-to-point links to complete end-to-end, global solutions. SD is a multi-solution provider with the expertise to design, integrate, test, operate, maintain, and support your infrastructure as needed.

World-class Infrastructure

SD Satellite Ground Stations are delivered through a combination of our own and partner ground stations to provide complete global coverage.

Our own Satellite Ground Stations are strategically located on the US West and East Coast. They were the first to achieve the highest Tier 4 certification in North America from the World Teleport Association and were awarded WTA ‘Independent Teleport Operator of the Year’ in 2020. SD is also a fully licensed US common carrier.

Our Satellite Ground Stations are interconnected with a fully redundant, private network over terrestrial and satellite links for end-to-end, secure global connectivity at the highest quality of service.

Engineering Excellence

Our team of seasoned engineers typically have more than 20 years of service with SD and most are US military veterans. 

We’re accustomed to handling complex, highly customized network requirements, and work closely with you to meet your objectives.

Always Available

Always Secure

Always Flexible

Ground Station Facilities

Award-winning ground infrastructure in continuous operation since 1976.

Satellite Services

L, C, Ku, and Ka-band services from industry-leading Satellite Network Operators.

Data Centers

Certified and compliant Tier 3 facilities for secure customer data storage and protection.

Our experts are ready to discuss your requirements and create a customized solution that meets your objectives.