SkyTicket gives global aircraft operators an enhanced solution specifically tailored to their passengers’ connectivity needs. Passengers can create a login prior to or during a flight, select the connectivity service package that’s right for them, then use any major credit or debit card to complete their purchase, all within the operator branded portal experience. Additionally, the solution supports vouchers for those operators that want to include connectivity service costs as part of the overall flight pricing.

SkyTicket Features

Administrator Dashboard

Puts the operator in control, allowing their team to manage the captive portal experience and respond to feedback from a rich set of usage analytics.

Configurable Captive Portal

Operators can now modify the captive portal elements to match their passenger-facing branding at a fleet, sub-fleet, and individual aircraft level.

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Phone Login
Phone Access

Configurable Data Package Pricing

The ability to control passenger-facing connectivity pricing empowers operators to meet their business model’s needs, whether that’s simply offsetting their connectivity service costs or potentially generating additional ancillary revenue.

High-Throughput Connectivity Service

Service compatible with Intelsat FlexExec, Inmarsat Jet ConneX (JX) and SwiftBroadband (SBB), and Viasat Ka or Ku-band.