Connectivity Solutions

SD’s customized connectivity solutions leverage the best-available industry technologies to meet your needs for performance, coverage, and budget. At SD, we are not just a service provider, we are your partner – dedicated to building the best connectivity solution for you. Our client solutions team works with customers to determine the right mix of products and services based on your unique requirements.



Whether you’re looking for a high-speed global experience or simply a way to check email, our complete portfolio of connectivity, voice, and entertainment solutions help make time spent in the cabin as productive and enjoyable as possible. Plus, SD value-added services make the best use of any network connection, allowing you to manage and maximize bandwidth, improve voice call quality, prioritize passenger data, protect your information and more.

satellite networks

Not all networks are created equal. We will work with you to understand your aircraft, travel patterns, desired capabilities, and budget, we can then build your custom, fully-integrated solution.

Voice solutions

SD proprietary voice solutions work with your onboard connectivity network for an optimized voice experience in flight.


Whether through in-cabin systems or on your personal devices, SD’s tailored entertainment solutions offer a range of in-flight options for movies and satellite TV.

optimization tools

SD’s data management services offer the best value, the most predictability, and world class performance.

satellite network services

Inmarsat Jet ConneX

Ka-Band Network

Powered by Inmarsat’s global Ka-band satellite network, Jet ConneX (JX) offers a seamless and best-in-class experience for business aviation operators. SD is the leading provider of JX to business and government aviation operators globally.


SD is also developing the Plane Simple™ Ka Antenna System to support the JX service.

Inmarsat SwiftBroadband

Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband provides global voice and high-speed data, simultaneously through a single installation on the aircraft. SBB offers ‘always-on’ packet switched data and voice over IP (VoIP) service. SwiftBroadband enables all key cockpit and cabin applications, including: telephony, text messaging, email, internet and intranet access, as well as flight plan, weather and chart updates.

Intelsat FlexExec

Preferred Ku-band Network

SD’s preferred Ku-band satellite solution, Intelsat’s FlexExec is the only service designed specifically for business aviation. The global, secure, multi-layered broadband satellite connectivity network delivers consistent, high performance coverage and service. FlexExec capacity is not shared with commercial aviation or consumer broadband customers, meaning business jet passengers will always have consistent, on-demand global connectivity.


The Plane Simple™ Ku Antenna System facilitates best-in-class aircraft communications with FlexExec. The system is comprised of only two Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), simplifying installation and configuration requirements while providing a seamless and cost-effective transition path as technology advances.


Truly Global L-band Communications

Iridium provides a mobile satellite communications network offering truly global voice and data communications coverage. Satcom Direct is a Tier One service provider for Iridium, providing global voice, fax and flight deck datalink communications to business and military aviation. We support single and multiple channel Iridium transceivers, and offer other value-added services to enhance your Iridium service experience. Iridium’s Low-Earth Orbit satellite network provides an interconnected L-band “canopy over the earth.”

Iridium Certus®

Iridium Certus is an advanced multi-service satellite communications platform enabled by the Iridium constellation. Iridium Certus can act as a primary connectivity system for small jets, and can also provide backup connectivity for large jets that have alternate high-speed solutions.


Ku-band, Ka-band, Dual-Band Solutions

Viasat offers Ku-band, Ka-band, or dual-band solutions for business aviation.  Delivering a world-wide high-quality internet experience, Viasat solutions ensure passengers can stay productive and entertained while in flight.

voice solutions


In-flight Softphone

Satcom Direct’s AeroV® service was the first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution designed and built specifically for aviation. AeroV enables full featured voice calling using the aircraft broadband internet connection and your personal smartphone – no computer needed. Your phone becomes an extension of the aircraft phone system, allowing you to be reached directly through the Global One Number® (GON) and the extension you configure. Simply connect to the WiFi on the aircraft to make calls and send text messages from your phone’s contact list.

Global One Number®

A Single Telephone Number to Reach Your Aircraft, Anywhere

Global One Number (GON) was pioneered by Satcom Direct in 1997. This technology enables direct dialing to reach an aircraft in flight, regardless of location, using its unique telephone number. It eliminates the need to know which region the aircraft is located in making it simple to reach occupants wherever they fly. SD’s AeroV® service further simplifies calling to the aircraft by enabling occupants to configure their smartphones as extensions of the GON via the onboard satellite phone system.

SD Stylus Handsets

High Fidelity Voice

Sleek and beautiful, the Stylus family of handsets has rugged construction, made of aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass or high quality Clarex acrylic, with an intuitive interface and high-fidelity sound. Stylus handsets can be configured to display any language, even those with non-Latin alphabets. The Stylus family of handsets is backward compatible with Simphonē handset cut-outs making it easy to install and upgrade without additional wiring. It’s also a great replacement for MagnaStar systems – no additional wiring required.




With the OneView service from Satcom Direct, you can access DIRECTV, America’s #1 satellite TV service. While flying onboard your business aircraft, you can stay on top of breaking news, weather, and other standard programming. DIRECTV in-flight TV service delivers the best in sports programming, premium channels and family entertainment.

optimization tools

SD Cabin App

Monitor and Manage Cabin Connectivity, Systems and Flight Details

SD Cabin includes real-time flight tracking, WiFi connectivity diagnostics, hardware analysis and technical support features. See your trip route using an interactive map, monitor onboard network systems, identify connected devices, perform network scans and more.

All you need is an active WiFi connection to the Satcom Direct Router (SDR)/SDR Gateway or SD WiFi/LTE Hub. No subscription is necessary



  • Automatically detects aircraft configuration and hardware services on board, when connected to aircraft Wi-Fi
  • Use ‘subscription free’ on any aircraft with service provided via SD
  • Real-time flight tracking
  • Monitor and manage onboard network systems- now with ‘easy scan’ allowing a user to perform multiple network tests with a single click!
  • Interactive map shows origin and destination, ETA, tail number, as well as satellite network coverage maps (now including FlexExec and the Inmarsat JX spotbeam map)

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