SD Router Series

SD Cabin Networking Systems

The Satcom Direct Router (SDR®) series of products provide the ultimate flexibility in connectivity for the business jet cabin, and are built to support the future of airborne communications for owners, operators, passengers and crew.


Raising the standard for inflight connectivity.

The SDR and SDR Gateway facilitate user connectivity onboard the aircraft, enabling laptops, tablets and smartphones to do their jobs so pilots and passengers stay productive at every altitude. Advanced SDR technology allows for superior optimization and customization of the onboard network, for the best inflight internet experience.

Plus, the power of the SDR Series goes beyond the cabin; the SDR collects aircraft performance information to enhance flight operations management tools, including telemetry and position data, fuel indications, operational parameters and more. With its own module in SD Pro, the customer flight ops team can see detailed usage and performance information in real time, and can make adjustments as needed to support optimal network use.

Fastest and smallest wireless access points available.

The SD WiFi Hub Series packs big technology into small, easily installed packages, enabling powerful connectivity for aircraft of any size.

The Hubs meet the needs of small to mid-range aircraft looking for a single bearer SATCOM router, and can also pair with the SDR Series Routers for extended capabilities. These platforms enable robust connectivity, and also delivers many SD value-added services to the cabin.

When combined with the SDR series, SD Hubs add functionality and enhance connectivity performance on ultra-long-range aircraft. The Hubs add additional interfaces where they are needed, supporting high definition media products and applications for passengers, and eliminating buffering and gaps in cabin coverage. With the smallest and lightest form factor in aviation, the SD Hubs improve WiFi coverage in the cabin and simplify installation.

SD WiFi Hub 2.0 and SD LTE Hub

The SD MIMO and Wideband Antenna extend WiFi range and increase performance through superior gain and efficiency with minimal return loss. The antennas can be mounted almost anywhere throughout the aircraft to provide adequate WiFi coverage.

  • Designed for the SD WiFi Hub or SDR Series (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz)
  • PMA approved
  • Lag-free performance
  • Boosts speed, reliability and range
  • Extends coverage for the best possible experience
  • Available in both SMA and TNC configurations
SDR with SD Wideband Antenna

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