Data Link Unit

Data Link Unit (DLU)

The ONLY FAA TSO-C159c Certified DLU for FANS over Iridium Capability

The SD DLU is business aviation’s first and only FAA C159c TSO’d system for FANS over Iridium.

With certified RTCA DO-178B, Level D software, the DLU features a built-in Iridium Satcom transceiver, and works with a broad range of flight deck systems—to let flight crews communicate with air traffic control or other aircraft without impacting cabin communications.

The DLU requires no configuration; there are no set-up screens. Simply install. SD Data Link Unit has more time on type than competitive systems. It also has STCs on many popular aircraft types, including Challenger, Falcon, Gulfstream, BBJ, Airbus and Learjet.

FANS-1/A+ simplifies pilot to controller communication, reduces communications error and increases efficiency in congested airspace. Our DLU component can be integrated with broad range of flight decks.

Efficiency Meets Safety

  • Text-based interface reduces communications errors, eliminates repetition and language issues like accents
  • Automatic positioning reports to removes crew requirement to report, lowering crewmember stress
  • Fly more direct routes and trim operating costs

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