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COMSAT announces cybersecurity programs

COMSAT announces cybersecurity programs

Offers an immediate compliance path to ship owners and managers for new International Maritime Organization (IMO) cybersecurity mandate

Herndon, VA – July 11, 2017 – Following a June 16, 2017, decision by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that requires ship owners and managers to incorporate cyber risk management into safety management systems established by the ISM Code, COMSAT announces its suite of cybersecurity solutions for the maritime industry. Recent events have underscored the need to protect fleets from harmful cyber-attacks.

COMSAT provides enhanced security for data transmissions, to and from a ship, no matter where it is in the world, by working to detect, prevent and respond to breaches in security. It identifies patterns or anomalies that indicate data may have been compromised, and it constantly monitors and reports potentially malicious activity.

The heart of the company’s private network is its data center in Melbourne, FL, USA, with supplemental locations in Amsterdam, New York and Hawaii. In addition, secure teleports in Southbury, CT, and Santa Paula, CA, USA, act as extensions of the Melbourne data center. A maritime vessel’s onboard network can be made to operate completely within a company’s protocols. COMSAT’s network architecture incorporates multiple points of presence (POP) and interconnectivity with SATCOM providers, securely making the transition from satellite to terrestrial networks. Further, it offers the unique ability to connect ship-borne data transmissions directly to customers’ corporate network – without ever touching the internet. COMSAT’s data center is fully compliant with industry standards including HIPAA, PCI, FISMA and SSAE 16. COMSAT engineers work together with customers in finding ways to integrate security services sea-side and on shore while mitigating risks and preventing threats.

David Greenhill, COMSAT President, said, “The new IMO cybersecurity mandate represents a bold new day in the maritime industry, reflecting the industry’s rising concern about the vulnerability of fleet-borne communications. COMSAT offers the services required to comply with the new IMO cybersecurity mandate, right now.”

COMSAT has been providing connectivity services to maritime operators for 60 years. A recognized thought leader in the space, the company is a cyber-secure voice and data service provider for the maritime industry’s most popular satellite networks, and a wholesale distributor for the most prolific manufacturers of maritime connectivity hardware and software.

Ship operators and managers interested in complying with the IMO’s forthcoming cybersecurity requirements are invited to contact Brian Kane, COMSAT Director, Maritime Business, at +1.571.599.3656 or bkane.ctr@comsat.com.


With a direct lineage from the COMSAT organization created by the Communications Satellite Act of 1962, COMSAT has played an important role in the SATCOM industry from its inception to present day. Some of COMSAT’s key milestones include being a founding member of Intelsat operating the Marisat fleet network that provided the first mobile satellite communications services to the United States Navy. COMSAT also founded Inmarsat’s initial operating system from the company’s two earth stations. COMSAT delivers a full portfolio of satellite solutions in C-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) as well as Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium services to U.S. civilian and military agencies for their most critical missions. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, COMSAT is a trusted leader in the design and delivery of customized, secure, managed end-to-end (ME2E)satellite services for aeronautical, land, and maritime service environments.


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