Automatic Post-Flight Reporting

SD PostFlight® is Satcom Direct’s flight log solution. It is a web-based system designed to auto-capture and manage aircraft movement and flight log data. A key feature is its ability to integrate with third-party providers for a truly centralized and synchronized flight department.

With data capture powered by Satcom Direct’s premium datalink service, FlightDeck Freedom® (FDF), SD PostFlight automates the tracking of aircraft movements, calculating and recording flight time and cycle events for each leg of a journey. Reducing manual input.

Automated and real-time record keeping precision of critical flight data reduces pilot workload, minimizes human error and improves operational efficiency by synchronizing the flight department, crew and maintenance teams with autonomous flight log information.

Integrates into One Platform

SD PostFlight will integrate with other software platforms to push and pull automated data to and from those vendor systems, so maintenance operations and scheduling decisions can be pre-populated and automated. As part of an open architecture ecosystem, third-party platforms include:
• Maintenance: CAMP & FlightDocs
• Engine OEM: Rolls-Royce
• Scheduling: PFM

SD is working to support integration with additional providers. If you would like to discuss your partner integration options, please contact us below.

Why get SD PostFlight

Available exclusively on the SD Pro® platform, SD PostFlight creates an efficient, single access point for all flight personnel, from pilot to maintenance and scheduler, revolutionizing the way aircraft movement events are accessed and recorded.

Users can access information via a single login to SD Pro, on an easy to use, and modern interface to view the following:
• High-level summary trip data
• Detailed flight leg information
• Expenses and fuel burn
• Log Out, Off, On, and In (OOOI)
• City Pairs
• Crew logbook details
• Leg notes
• Reporting including expenses, log book, flight logs, and many more.

Whether accessed from a desktop computer, or on the move via a mobile device, SD PostFlight serves as a smart system that provides user guidance, reduces human error and delivers automatically captured data.

SD Crew App

The accompanying SD Crew app allows pilots to log Out, Off, On, and In (OOOI) times, fuel levels and fuel uplift, crew data, and leg notes to make logging and verification more timely and accurate. The OOOI times are pre-populated in the app via FDF immediately after the flight, so the logging/verification of the data is efficient and accurate. Data are saved offline and once in range, logging can be performed without any data loss. Future releases will capture flight expenses and accommodation costs, which can improve accounting accuracy for flight departments. Currently the SD Crew app is available through iOS.