Telemedicine with SD and Aircare International

Satcom Direct has teamed with Aircare International to provide customers with an affordable, comprehensive medical program that includes 24/7 world-wide tele-medical and tele-support services, as well as in-flight medical training, medical kit management, security and safety reports, and a host of other ancillary services that flight departments of any size can use every day. Aircare International is like traveling with a personal physician, allowing flight crew and passengers to ask questions about medicines, replace lost prescriptions, and get access to emergency medical care on a trip. Aircare International is there for you and your passengers.

SD’s FlightDeck Freedom® datalink service takes Aircare International to a whole new level, enabling the Aircare International team to track your aircraft in real time, prepare for emergency situations that may occur along your route of flight, and contact the aircraft via text message or voice.

Contact Satcom Direct at +1 321.777.3000 or email to learn more.

Overview of telemedicine offerings
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