SD Pro®

The Source of Data for Your Flight Department

SD Pro is the leading communications and operations platform in business aviation. It acts as the Source of Data (SD) for flight operations, delivering relevant information in a centralized ecosystem to enable more data-driven, timely decisions.

SD Pro optimizes workflows and simplifies communication across all parts of the operation, effectively defining new standards for business aviation data management.

PreFlight to PostFlight: Operational Support

Autonomous. Timely. Accurate

Designed as an Open Architecture platform, SD Pro is modular and flexible to fit the unique needs of flight departments around the world. With integrated services, standalone solutions, third-party integrations, and dynamic dashboards– all backed by SD’s secure network infrastructure – SD Pro lets you manage your operation the way you need.

The SD Pro PreFlight module synchronizes planning information from multiple sources into a single dashboard, allowing operators to more efficiently schedule, manage and operate their aircraft for the ideal passenger experience.

PreFlight in SD Pro


  • Automated calculations for ETE allow for accurate planning
  • Ground transportation, Catering, Lodging, and Fuel can be planned
  • Crew, Passengers, FBO, Requester, Planner, and Approver are all captured
  • Generate Crew, Passenger, and FBO
  • Send trip information to ForeFlight for flight plan generation
  • Generate and store International documents (Gendec & CANPASS)
  • Centralized location to generate and file eAPIS


  • Search and store favorite ground services for all airports
  • Create custom airports including FBO and ground services
  • Assign “preferred” vendors for services at each airport
  • Centralized location to store aircraft and travel documents
  • Assign roles for each user to ensure access is limited to what is needed to perform their job
  • View and track your crew currency as well as other company defined training items in training requirements


  • View upcoming or past trips for the entire fleet
  • Configurable to view individual legs or entire trips
  • Configurable to view in weekly or monthly calendar
  • Configurable to see only the details that matter to the user (crew initials,
    passenger count, last known location)
  • View departure and arrival times in Zulu or airport local time
  • Aircraft and staff calendars can be displayed individually or on a shared screen

Flight performance data is automatically captured and shared throughout the flight, keeping all members of the team informed without the need for manual communication efforts.

  • Automated Alerts (ETA updates, connectivity usage, and customized alerts)
  • Position Reports
  • Flight Tracking
  • Static and Dynamic Route Alerts
  • Security Alerts
  • GeoNotifications
  • Network Performance Visibility
  • Troubleshooting Tools
SD Pro shows lights in real-time when inflight

Accurate engine times and cycles, and flight log details, are auto populated into the PostFlight module and easily shared with various maintenance providers and engine manufacturers, requiring no duplication of effort while creating a digital record for the aircraft history.

Auto capture and report:

  • Out, Off, On & In (OOOI) times
  • Crew Logbook details
  • Fuel levels and burn
  • City pairs
  • Leg Notes
  • Crew and passenger details & flight expenses

Send accurate times and cycles data to maintenance providers and engine OEMs:

  • CAMP
  • Flightdocs
  • Rolls-Royce

Business Intelligence Reporting:

  • Reports and Dashboards are provided for Operational and Tax purposes
  • Crew Currency, Aircraft Events, Aircraft Utilization, PostFlight Trip Overview, SIFL, Fuel Reports, and more
  • Exportable in various formats
  • Reports can be configured to auto email based on user specifications/duration

SD Crew App

  • Crew members can view, modify, and log automated data using the SD Crew app
  • Data can be stored offline and sent to PostFlight once a connection is restored
SD Crew App on iOS

SD Pro is fully responsive and works across all devices and screen sizes

Turn your whiteboard into a dashboard.

Accessible on desktop, laptop, or mobile device, SD Pro integrates all your management tools and applications on one simple platform. Auto-updated data flows give you a fully-synchronized flight operation while custom-configured access removes clutter and gives each member of your team exactly the information they need.

SD Pro Dashboard


The dashboard is designed so that each team member can customize their personal dashboard to present them with the modules and information required to perform their duties.

Advanced Connectivity

Forecast flight plans and predict coverage availability wherever you travel in the world so you are always connected. Please contact your SD sales representative for pricing on this premium module.

FlightDeck Freedom module in SD Pro

FlightDeck Freedom®

Access features previously only available in the FDF Portal Application for easier self-service of all configuration items, alerts, messages and notifications. Send messages to the datalink display unit, view and download historical datalink messages. Integrates to third party flight tracking.

Hardware module in SD Pro


Shows status of the onboard SD Hardware including available networks and connection status as it automatically switches between providers. Tracks device connectivity and usage, also available via the SDR mobile application. SD Hardware is a powerful source of aircraft data, enabling the full functionality of SD Pro.

PreFlight in SD Pro


Manage Aircraft, passenger, and crew movement in the planning stages of flight. Easily access and email itineraries from a single screen.

Flight Tracker

Real-time flight tracking including departures, destinations, ETA, altitude, and speed information. At-a-glance status view shows weather overlays including NEXRAD and worldwide satellite imagery.

Connectivity module in SD Pro


Displays the status of all services,
provides usage alerts and notifications, and tracks voice and data usage by month, flight and duration. Downloadable reports for analysis and distribution.

Cyber Threat Monitoring

Real-time view of network security, potential threats, identified incidents and actions SD has taken to protect your data. Please contact your SD sales representative for pricing on this premium module.

Support module in SD Pro


Access 24/7 support team, view
the SD Pro Users Guide, support documents, service forms and schedule Entry into Service (EIS) on-site training and technical support.

PostFlight in SD Pro


Auto-captures flight data and cycle events in real-time, reducing manual user input. Provides visibility of flight log information to the entire flight operation. Data capture powered by FlightDeck Freedom® and SD Hardware.

Maintenance Viewer

View due list feeds from various
maintenance providers along with times and cycles for each aircraft. Includes airframe, engine and calendar items in both a multi-aircraft overview or a per aircraft detailed view.

Training module in SD Pro


SD Training videos are available to help you develop the advanced skills and knowledge needed to get the most out of your on-board system while providing the best possible experience for your passengers.


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