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How much speed do you need?

From standard to high-speed and everywhere in-between, SD’s customized connectivity solutions rely on best-available technologies to meet your needs for performance, coverage, and budget.

Application Speed Guide

These numbers are rough guidelines provided by the FCC’s Broadband Speed Guide.

Intelsat FlexExec

Purpose-Built Inflight Connectivity for Business Aviation

Intelsat’s FlexExec is a global, multi-layered broadband satellite connectivity network that delivers consistent, high performance coverage and service globally. FlexExec is uniquely designed to support business aviation and the capacity is not shared with commercial aviation or consumer broadband customers. Business jet passengers will always have consistent, on-demand global connectivity.

Flexible and Scalable

The worldwide coverage of FlexExec is specifically engineered to cover high traffic routes with High Throughput Satellite (HTS) coverage, with layers of wide beam capacity for added resiliency and redundancy. FlexExec allows for maximum flexibility, efficient use of bandwidth, and managed services which are critical when routes and passenger requirements shift unexpectedly. The open architecture design of FlexExec allows SD to analyze network demand and usage to ensure that capacity is available, with the ability to add additional capacity as necessary.

FlexExec Coverage

The world’s first global Ku-band HTS network

FlexExec coverage map

Inmarsat Jet Connex

Experience the fastest in-flight internet connection in the world.

With Satcom Direct and Jet ConneX (JX), you can stream videos, make phone calls, watch live television – just like you would in your home or office, at all phases of flight, anywhere you fly. Varying rate packages allow you to select the data speed and usage level to fit your needs and budget.

SD is the industry’s foremost expert in JX. More than 70% of all JX activations are SD customers.

Jet ConneX coverage map

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Viasat offers global high-speed internet for business aviation.

The Viasat Advanced solution delivers a high-quality internet experience over land and water via the Viasat Ku-band global network.

Viasat’s new dual-band solution is an intelligently designed system that always provides the best satellite network for internet connectivity. The service seamlessly shifts connectivity between Ka- and Ku-band networks as needed, creating an uninterrupted high-speed internet experience.

Viasat services deliver predictable monthly fees, a high-speed connection, generous data allowances, and are available during all phases of flight. Stay productive and entertained with Viasat in-flight internet.

SmartSky Networks

The new standard for air-to-ground (ATG) connectivity.

With blazing-fast 4G LTE technology, Satcom Direct® and SmartSky Networks have teamed up to deliver a low-latency, airborne Wi-Fi connection that delivers streaming video, responsive internet access, email, voice calls, and text messaging – in real-time, at speeds rivaling that of terrestrial broadband connections.

Satcom Direct is the exclusive distribution partner for SmartSky Networks, which includes our world class provisioning and support services. Be among the first to be SmartSky ready by scheduling your installation on light or large business aircraft and selecting an introductory subscription plan to get you onboard.

Inmarsat SwiftBroadband

Global voice and high-speed data through a single installation on the aircraft.

SwiftBroadband offers ‘always-on’ packet switched data and voice over IP (VoIP) service. SwiftBroadband enables all key cockpit and cabin applications, including: telephony, text messaging, email, internet and intranet access, as well as flight plan, weather and chart updates.

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