Time is Money: Aircraft Connectivity from Satcom Direct Gives You Back Both

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It’s hard to imagine spending a day without connectivity. According to DataReportal’s latest statistics, the average person spends about seven hours daily connected to the internet. Though already considerable, this figure is likely to be much higher for C-suite executives and professionals who spend a significant portion of their time traveling the world via private aircraft.

For these C-Suite executives, important corporate contributors, and heads of state, being offline during a long flight is unthinkable. Still, many are resigned to spotty service and slow speeds, like a person on land with an extremely weak 3G connection. But this doesn’t have to be the case when you partner with Satcom Direct to provide best-in-class inflight connectivity that is customized to your flight operations, improves productivity and flight experience, and pays dividends far beyond fulfilling passengers’ expectations of solid connectivity throughout their flight.

As Satcom Direct President Chris Moore explains, our organization provides a superior level of service long before a customer’s first flight. “Every individual has a unique set of requirements and a different vision of what ideal aviation connectivity looks and feels like. We develop a mutual understanding of the challenges a client faces, both on the ground and in the air, then build a solution that is a perfect fit for them.”

Satcom Direct has the power to create these solutions because it has developed its own hardware, from antennas with a small form factor to lower the operating cost of a business jet to cabin routers designed to pack a punch without taking up precious cargo space. Also, due to the fact Satcom Direct manufactures its own hardware instead of taking an “off the shelf” approach to components, our flexibility to meet customer needs remains unparalleled.

The importance of such considerations cannot be overstated. After all, aircraft owners, flight operations departments, and other service providers typically focus most of their attention on a passenger’s connectivity in-flight. (No one on land tends to recall when their 4G works perfectly to support business meetings or watching Netflix. On the other hand, they know quite well when it goes down at the worst time.)

In fact, the field of psychology has even coined a name to the panic we have all felt with a poorly timed loss of connectivity—Disconnectivity Anxiety (DA). As one might imagine, this feeling is even worse in the air, where poor connectivity can ruin a passenger’s whole flight. As a result, ensuring a seamless network connection goes far beyond the hardware installed on a plane. It takes world-class service and support, which Satcom Direct takes pride in providing each day to every customer. In fact, our company consistently ranks highly in leading industry surveys.

Yet, delivering the type of connectivity today’s passengers expect requires much more than a focus on the cabin. Again, according to Moore, “Satcom Direct provides nose-to-tail solutions providing proactive assistance instead of traditional reactive support. We provide consistency without compromise. This means our customers can count on us to come through for them every time they take to the skies.”

To achieve this goal, SD follows the old pilot’s adage of “stay ahead of the aircraft.” To understand how this approach benefits aircraft operators in the real world, let’s consider a recent example in which Satcom Direct’s support team turned what might have been an unproductive flight into a 5-star experience for the CEO of a long-time customer.

As it turns out, SD was contacted by their flight operations team to assist them in planning the executive’s journey from a northern state to a destination deep in South America. They needed a special emphasis on strong connectivity throughout the flight due to a series of critical video conferences the CEO would attend while traveling. To ensure this occurred without incident, our support team first worked with the flight ops to create a new flight plan as the fastest route would cross an area of notoriously inconsistent satellite connectivity.

From a granular perspective, here’s how we accomplished the mission. SD’s support team monitored the flight after takeoff, allowing it to alert the flight crew of a likely patch of weak connectivity caused by inclement weather. Staying in consistent and direct contact, we collaborated with the pilots to slightly modify their flight path to avoid the storm completely— avoiding the problem before it even started. The result? A productive and happy CEO, along with a relieved flight operations team.

Of course, this level of support is only made possible by our integrated connectivity solutions and proactive support model. If you are ready to leave behind the days of frustrated passengers and spotty connectivity, partner with Satcom Direct, world leader in providing excellent in-flight connectivity, state-of-the-art software solutions, and unmatched customer support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your next flight.

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